Prepared Food

Small Scale Bakers & Makers

Your products must be made by yourself and preference will be given to products that use local ingredients. All Prepared Food vendors must follow the Guidelines – Sale of Foods at Temporary Food Markets_MARCH 2016. Please familiarize yourself with the information contained within this guide before applying to become a Prepared Food vendor.

Interested Prepared Food vendors are encouraged to complete a Vendor Interest Form and send it to us.

Our intake process for new prepared food vendors occurs in February/March for Summer Markets and September for Winter Markets. We will review all the forms we have on file at those times and get in touch if we are interested in jurying your product. All prepared foods must pass our jury process before being invited to apply for markets.

If you do not hear from us we do not have opportunities available for your product. Vendor Interest Forms will be kept on file for one year. Please feel free to re-submit if you do not hear from us within a year.