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Good Food, Happy Family @ RIPE 2014



photo: Joey Armstrong
photo: Joey Armstrong

When Vij’s Rangoli partners with Crisp Organics to create their RIPE 2014 appetizer, they will be united in their desire to bring good food to the family table and a belief that centering a meal around fresh ingredients will result in a great tasting healthy meal and happy people.

In 2010 the Arkesteyn-Vogler family purchased 11 acres in Abbotsford. Focused on sustainability and growing organically, they are committed to reducing pollution that enters the soil, streams, and air. The family enjoys the challenge, both mental and physical, and the way it keeps them on their toes. As a VFM vendor, Crisp Organics appreciates the ability to grow a wide variety of crops and the to provide the freshest produce possible to the consumer. As Andrew  Arkesteyn-Vogler explains “We strive to serve the local food culture through growing the best tasting vegetable varieties and ensuring customers receive only the freshest produce possible, preferably picked the day of delivery.”

Meeru Dhalwala, of Vij’s Rangoli, grew up in Washington DC in the 70’s. She fondly recalls, long before the rise of urban markets, that every Saturday morning the family would drive 45 minutes to buy the freshest produce and meat at the market. It was a family outing that would culminate with a wonderful family meal at the end of the day. It was here, that Meeru learned the value of fresh produce. That value is the basis for Meeru’s delicious meals today, “No labels or trends, just delicious raw foods to cook delicious cooked foods or make salads.  I hope that, in an age when we are becoming more intellectual and rhapsodical, and less emotional, about our food, I am still providing the family comfort of a fresh tasting and very emotional meal “.

We can barely contain our anticipation of the wonderful creation this dynamic duo will create for RIPE 2014. Tickets are selling quickly so be sure to act quickly if you want to join us for RIPE 2014.



Good Food begins with Good Ingredients- RIPE 2014

cropthorne farm

“Good food begins with good ingredients” is the common mantra of RIPE 2014 pairing Graze restaurant and Cropthorne Farm. Coming together to provide an appetizer for the 5th annual VFM fall dinner fundraiser, this team is sure to tantalize our taste buds with their philosophy of providing nutritious and delicious dishes.

“Chef Karen McAthy’s dishes are culinary creative, nutritionally balanced and simply delicious!”

Graze’s commitment to locally produced ingredients and sustainability goes beyond providing delicious meals based on fresh organic plant based ingredients. They strive to grow their own herbs and vegetables, harvest their rainwater and compost their kitchen waste- reducing, reusing and recycling where they can. Good food from a good place.

Cropthorne Farms’ dynamic sister team Lydia and Rachel Ryall, have built their business and their life on providing “good honest food”. As a regular VFM vendor they see farmers markets as being an opportunity to interact with their customers, talk about their produce and answer questions about their growing practices.

“Providing nourishing healthy food is good for the land, our family,our staff and our customer.” Lydia Ryall

We know that Lydia and Rachel will provide the “the best ingredients” it takes for Graze to create “the best food”. Join us at RIPE 2014 to taste what this this fabulous team creates as a tempting appetizer. Tickets are available at the VFM info booth or online.

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Trout Lake - Sept 13


In honour of Farmers Appreciation week Sept 8-15, we’re celebrating BC Farmers and showing our appreciation for the fresh, local food they provide with a contest! We’re giving away $50 to spend at any VFM market. Snap an Instagram pic of some delicious food made with market ingredients, give a shout out to the farm or producer who supplied those ingredients & tag it #thankabcfarmer. While you’re at it, thank a farmer in real life too! Contest closes: Monday, Sept 15 at 5pm.

You’re Invited: RIPE 2014

Sunday, October 19 – Roundhouse Community Centre

RIPE is VFM’s annual dinner fundraiser, a true celebration of the harvest that showcases the best of our producers paired with Vancouver’s top farm-to-table restaurants. We are thrilled to announce the 2014 roster to date, which includes Edible Canada, Vij’s Rangoli, Graze, and Forage, along with signature cocktails by VFM vendors Long Table Distillery and Odd Society Spirits, a special RIPE cask from R & B Brewery, and Okanagan wines from BC Wine Studio.

Tickets are available online with Early Bird pricing for tickets purchased before September 15th. (More information)

Don’t miss these vendors:

  • Matthew Freed Ceramics: Matthew only comes a few times a season and brings beautiful minimalist pottery that will dress up any dinner table. Check him out!
  • Fruitguy Farms: Here ye, here ye! Michael is in from Naramata with his famous apple chips and juices. We know some of you are looking to exchange your empty bottles for a fresh one!
  • Goldwing: Did you know that Bonnie carries free range non-medicated meats? Find her tucked in a 10×10 behind blue coolers and ostrich leather goods. Ask her about chicken, duck, beef, turkey, pork and goose!

Survey September: This month, we’re asking our shoppers to share a little about who they are, what they care about, and how we can make the farmers markets better. Stop by our dot survey every week and put in your two cents!

See you at the market!


Check out this week’s interactive market map for the full vendor list

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Great food + Good Karma = RIPE 2014

forage collage copy

How better to enjoy great food with a good conscious then to  pair Vancouver’s  socially conscious Forage restaurant with  the revolutionary VFM vendor Sole Food Street Farms.

Forage restaurant loves creating community and quality farm to table fare to share:

“Forage means that we no longer seek out excess and indulgence, but instead revisit a time when we respected the land and oceans and took only what we needed to survive. It is about being stewards of our land and true conservationists, as we conduct our business and live our lives. It is about goodness, about taking care of each other, and bringing together our community over good food. “—Chris Whittaker, Head Chef – Forage

Solefood transforms empty urban land into productive urban farms and empowers individuals with limited resources by providing employment, education and the opportunity to be part of a  community of farmers- a revolutionary approach to sustenance.

We can’t wait to share the good karma and great appetizer this pair will create for RIPE 2014.

RIPE 2014 is the 5th annual dinner fundraiser of Vancouver Farmers Markets. Early bird tickets are $65 before September 15th. After September 15th, tickets are $75 for adults and $15 for children. 


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