Market News

Downtown Market Fresh Box – June 29


New crops are hitting the market every week thanks to the sun and just enough rain on the fields.  Here is this week’s Fresh Box contents:

Heirloom Tomatoes – Taves Family Farm – some boxes got two small ones, some got one larger one.

Fennel – One Love Farm – I couldn’t leave these beauties out of the box this week – so tender and fresh.  Shave them into a salad or on top of whatever you’re eating – so good!

Strawberries – Douglas Farm – Coral Anne Douglas only grows strawberries on her small family farm in Mission.  Eat these first as local berries are picked ripe so they don’t last long!

French Breakfast Radishes – SOLE Food Farms – radishes are having a great year and who doesn’t like a few in a salad or eat them with butter or as a filling for finger sandwiches.  Pinkies up!

Buttercrunch Lettuce – Abundant Acre Farm – the greens from this farm are always delectable and make the best salads.

Mini Cucumbers – Abundant Acre Farm – mini versions of the long english cukes you see in the stores – these are super fresh but if you store them, keep them in plastic so they don’t lose their moisture.

English Peas – Nature Village Farm – I might have forgotten to list these on your insert this week but don’t overlook these lovelies.  English peas are shelling peas, meaning the pod isn’t meant to be eaten (although some do).  Sprinkle into pasta or in risotto – they don’t need more than a few moments in the heat to bring out their best – or eat them straight from the pod for an alfresco treat.

Order your July 6th Fresh Box online HERE.