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Food Scraps Drop Spot

Food Scraps Drop Spot is turning 3 in August this summer and we are at more locations than ever!

From now until October, we will be setting up Drop Spot at 5 Farmers Markets (Yaletown, Trout Lake, West End, Kitsilano, and Mt Pleasant), as well as 2 community locations, every week.

In a typical household, about 40% of garbage generated are compostable. By diverting that from the landfill, you are helping to retain valuable resource from going to waste and return the food scraps back into the food cycle. Also, compostable waste in landfill generates methane, which is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide in terms of its global warming potential.

So if you don’t have food scraps collection where you live, please consider using our community service – because what you do with your kitchen scraps and leftovers really makes a BIG difference!

To partipating is really simple. Just collect your food scraps at home, bring it to one of the location during the hours of operation, and drop it off. ($2 donation is really appreciated – as the donation goes to pay for the cost of running this program.)

For our collection – we accept:

  • fruit & vegetables
  • meat, bones & dairy
  • breads & pastries
  • cooked food scraps
  • soiled paper towels
  • coffee grounds & tea bags

On the other hand, we do not accept:

  • plastic bags (unless it is certified compostable)
  • plastics or styrofoam
  • oils or grease
  • Paper/plastic drink cups (unless it is certified compostable)
  • diapers or wipes
  • animal waste or cat litter

(*Dropping off the wrong material will contaminate the load and introduce unwanted substance into the compost!)

You don’t have to sign up. So you are welcome to join whenever you are ready. Feel free to start small or go for the max – it’s completely up to you.

For details about our program, our times and locations, tips, and ways to support our program – please visit the Food Scrap Drop Spot website at

Market Sponsor: Enerex Botanicals

The Trout Lake Farmers Market is brought to you in part by the generous folks at Enerex Botanicals. In addition to helping us with operational costs, they are hosting a season-long bicycle raffle and three Meet Your Maker: Nutrition Tours.  You can fill in a ballot for the raffle every week you come to Trout Lake and sign up for the nutrition tours online. If you see the Enerex folks onsite, make sure to stop by and say thanks! They’ll be at Trout Lake on the following dates: Aug 2, Sept 6, and Oct 4

EnerexEnerex Botanicals is a Vancouver-based nutraceutical company dedicated to contributing to a better world. Our goal is to lead consumers along the path to a healthy life by providing a comprehensive line of high-quality nutritional supplements, educating the public about the effectiveness of natural remedies, and taking every step to minimize our impact on the planet.

Since our start in 1997, Enerex has been committed to helping consumers improve their lives. We source the highest-quality raw materials, develop formulations that maximize nutrient bioavailability, protect the potency and purity of our products by using top-quality non-reactive packaging, and strictly adhere to the international Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards throughout the process.

As a strong believer in community, Enerex is very proud to partner with the Vancouver Farmers Markets. Buying local helps many ways: produce contains more nutrients when allowed to ripen on the plant rather than in a truck, less energy is spent on transporting food, and best of all, profits and benefits stay within the community. Come visit us at the Vancouver Farmers Market and help support our friends and neighbours!


Interested in becoming a Market Sponsor? Contact Jen (at)

Meet Your Maker: Nutrition Tours

You are what you eat! Discover what nutrients are contained in your food and why they matter in this series of Meet Your Maker: Nutrition Tours.

Lead by Holistic Nutritionist Carol Crenna of Enerex Botanicals, each tour will focus on a particular market-sourced recipe as a basis for exploring the health benefits of local food. On the tours, you will visit a series of VFM vendors that produce the ingredients contained in the recipes, gaining insight on their growing and production methods as they pertain to the nutrition in your food.

Tours run at the Trout Lake Farmers Market on the following dates: July 5, Aug 2, Sept 6. Carol will lead two 60 minute tours per date at 11am & 12:30pm, leaving from the Market Info Booth.  Sign-up online and remember to include the tour time of your preference!

July 5: “Inside Guide to Salmon Salad”

 What You Will Learn

  • What nutrients are in every forkful of your salmon salad? and why does it matter?
  • What’s more important for health – local or organic?
  • Herbs: beyond flavourings
  • The relationship between farmer, field, fork and your own physical and mental health

Salad Ingredients Discussed: Greens – Kale, arugula, salad mix with spinach & mustard greens, Microgreens, Sprouts, Hazelnuts, Goat Cheese, Edible Flowers, Berries

Seared Salmon and Marinade/Dressing Ingredients Discussed: Fresh Local Sockeye Salmon, Honey, Garlic, Herbs: Dill, Tarragon, Cilantro

Nutrition handout included for each participant.

Meet the Makers

Arila Apiary – Honey | Fresh Off the Boat – Sockeye Salmon | Lowland Herb Farm – Edible Flowers | Little Qualicum Cheese – Goat Cheese | Klippers Organics – Garlic and Hazelnuts | Organic Farm Connection – Salad greens | Shalefield Organics – Sprouts | Sole Food Street Farms – Berries and Herbs | Vancouver Food Pedalers Co-op – Microgreens

Meet the Educator

Carol Crenna has been a national health journalist for 20 years, and a certified holistic nutritionist for 10 years. She has written features for Reader’s Digest, Best Health, MORE and Canadian Living, and conducted seminars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Association, Stroke Recovery Association, GF Strong Amputee Recovery, Inspire Health, Capilano University and Langara College.



Meet the Market Manager - Ron Braunagel

Our Kerrisdale Village farmers market kicked off for its fourth season on June 15th. The market is managed this year by long-time Kerrisdale resident, Ron Braunagel. Ron began working with the Vancouver Farmers Markets in 2013 as a crew member and quickly rose through the ranks to become manager of his very own market.

Ron was born in Vancouver and grew up in Kitsilano, graduating from Kitsilano High School. For more than 30 years he has been running own graphic design company, Torque Design, where he uses his creativity and eye for detail to create memorable branding for his clients. Running his own business was not nearly enough to keep him busy, so last year he was inspired to apply to work with the Vancouver Farmers Markets.

To counteract the hours he spends working on a computer, Ron is happy to have found a job that takes him outside. He also appreciates the chance to work with younger folk who can keep up with him. Having pursued a hobby of collecting vintage clothing and with a special affinity for men’s ties, Ron appreciates being around craftspeople and people who are passionate about what they create. The market is the perfect fit for someone who appreciates craftsmanship, as every vendor makes, bakes, or grows what they sell. Surrounded by such great food every week, the biggest on-the-job struggle Ron has encountered so far has been not spending everything he earns at the market.

Some of Ron’s best memories of Kerrisdale harken back to the “good old days” when the CPR train ran twice a day and there was a gas station in the neighbourhood. The train stopped running in 2000, but Ron will always remember the sound of its whistle. The tracks are overgrown with blackberries brambles now and make a perfect backdrop for a farmers market.

Here’s what you can expect at the Kerrisdale Village market, in Ron’s own words:

 What should shoppers look for at the Kerrisdale Market?

Aside from a range of fabulous produce, prepared foods and crafts, it’s a great place to have a stroll and then stop for a coffee and a treat on a beautiful Kerrisdale morning (we’ve got tables and chairs!)

How does the Kerrisdale Village Market fit into the larger community?

The Kerrisdale market adds an element of vital street life. People from all cultures and ages get to mingle in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

What do you like best about Kerrisdale?

Kerrisdale is a beautiful area that has a great library, community centre, arena, shopping and parks. In my opinion it’s Vancouver’s best neighbourhood!

What are your goals this year for the market?

I’d like to see 70 to 80 vendors like they have at Kitsilano and other older markets. I’d also like to see Kerrisdale Village market become a destination shopping event for people from the Marpole and Dunbar areas. This would be a great boost to local area shops as well as Vancouver Farmers Markets.

The Kerrisdale Village market runs every Saturday, 10am-2pm, from June 14th –October 11th.

The market features only produce grown in BC, including vegetables, fruit, and mushrooms, along with meat, cheeses, baked goods, preserves, beverages and crafts. Many of the vendors scheduled are certified organic.

Freshly brewed coffee is on-site every week along with plenty of hot food, seating, live music, and fun events for kids. Find us on West Boulevard between 37th Ave. and 41st Ave.

Ron is happy to receive your comments and suggestions about the Kerrisdale Village market – send him an email!

We hope to see you there!

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