(Click here for direct link) Updates involve some changes in standard practice at market and have impacts on what you will need to bring, how to set up your stall, etc. Please follow link above and plan accordingly. Updated January 5, 2022.

COV By-Law Update: Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy

Starting January 1, 2022, in Vancouver the following changes will be in place (access this COV guide for more detail):

  • $0.25 (minimum) for each single-use cup
  • Ban on plastic shopping bags (t-shirt bags not produce bags) and compostable plastic shopping bags
  • Fees for paper (minimum $0.15) and new, reusable shopping bags (minimum $1)

For more details on all City of Vancouver single-use item by-laws visit:

Stall Fees

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Vendor Handbook

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Application & Membership Fees

All vendors are required to pay an annual vendor application fee (valid May-April) and a season application fee for each season they attend.