COVID-19 Updates

Update: April 1, 2021

We were heartened to learn that the BC Ministry for Public Safety has designated farmers markets an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic.
At this time we continue to remain open during the COVID-19 crisis as an access point for fresh food, with the full authorization of both municipal and provincial officials. We are in regular communication with public health officials, and have implemented the below modifications to comply with health and safety recommendations for farmers markets in the province.
You can visit the BC Centre for Disease Control farmers market requirements here. The most recent updates came on March 24, 2021. All vending markets are subject to the Gathering and Events order described in Part N: Episodic Markets.
We will endeavour to update you as soon as possible with information on COVID-19 and Vancouver Farmers Markets.


Winter markets are currently operating with tent spacing as often as possible. Each market will have a maximum shopper capacity calculated based on the midway space and allowing shoppers to have a minimum of 5 square metres each. Regardless of the numbers, VFM staff will only allow shoppers into market sites if physical distancing is observed. Please spread the Shop! Don’t Stop message. We know you want to catch up with your customers but at this time, we need to get people through the market quickly.


  • VFM staff and volunteers will wear face coverings where appropriate
  • Minimize entry and exit points to control the number of shoppers.
  • Manage line-ups into the market to meet physical distancing requirements.
  • No dogs will be allowed in the market areas to allow for more physical space
  • Managing stalls who get line-ups in the markets. Expect your stall assignment to change week to week as we try to minimize lineups
  • Removed gathering areas (seating areas, etc.)
  • We will not be operating an information booth. All staff will be stationed at entrance / exit points
  • We will have at least one hand-washing station in each market area and one hand sanitizer at market entrances 
  • Directional signs and will be posted and chalk markings drawn (when possible), highlighting entrance and exit points
  • We will be posting multiple signs encouraging shoppers to do the following: 
    • Keep a safe 6-foot distance from others
    • Shop Quickly 
    • Practice good hand hygiene as often as possible
  • VFM will offer a dedicated shopping window for seniors, shoppers with mobility challenges, and others most vulnerable to Covid-19 at all market sites this winter.
  • Ensure that each market day every vendor participates in and has carried out a health check and confirmed with the manager that they have passed the health check.


In September, as COVID-19 infection rates increased, we implemented the September Safety Strategy at all VFM markets. Please click to view here to stay up to date on what is required of vendors: VFM September Safety Strategy

  1. Got Symptoms? Don’t Come

    • Any vendors that are sick with respiratory illness symptoms, gastrointestinal illness symptoms, or even mild symptoms of illness associated with COVID-19 must not be present at the farmers market and/or must leave the market immediately. The online COVID-19 self-assessment tool can be used to know when to seek healthcare and further information can be found on the BCCDC website. Contact Vancouver Coastal Health at 604-675-3900 for further guidance.
    • Any foods that may have been contaminated by a food handler or staff member with respiratory illness symptoms, gastrointestinal illness symptoms, or even mild symptoms of illness associated with COVID-19 must not be brought to the farmers market and offered for sale.
    • A vendor must do a health check before being present at a farmers market and must confirm with the manager that the vendor has passed the daily health check. Consider using the Thrive BC self assessment tool prior to arriving at the market. Alternatively answer the questions on this POSTER.
  2. Keep Physical Distance (you and shoppers!)

    • See COVID-19 Vendor Checklist for Physical Distance requirements including:
        • Use physical barrier to keep distance from shoppers & fellow vendors
        • Post and manage maximum capacity in walk-through stalls 
        • Manage shopper physical distancing within 10ft radius of stall
        • Wear face covering at stall when not behind a physical barrier (i.e. restocking, managing shopper capacity, etc).
    • There are different requirements for walk-through and non walk-through stalls
    • Unless otherwise approved by VFM manager, maximum shopper capacity per 10×10 tent = 1 shopper
  3. Wash Hands

    • All vendors must have a wash station or hand sanitizer for vendor use
    • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Using soap and water is the single most effective way of reducing the spread of infection.
    • Consider a person who handles payment cards only and another who handles food product
    • Please see this cash handing document for best practices.
    • You are encouraged to have hand sanitizer for you and shoppers that visit your stalls
  4. Sanitize Surfaces

    • All vendors must have their own sanitizing solution for wiping surfaces
    • Tablecloths, if used, must be wipeable (If you want a cloth tablecloth, consider laying a plastic sheet on top that can be wiped with sanitizer)
    • Sanitize all high-touch surfaces frequently, including sales equipment and point of sale devices
    • Use care when handling credit cards and allow shoppers to avoid touching mobile sales screen (sanitize these touch points often)
  5. Ensure Shoppers Eat Outside Market

    • NOTE: Vendors are permitted to eat inside the market but should know that doing so may cause fellow vendor or shopper discomfort. Must exercise good hand hygiene before and after eating.
    • Market vendors selling ready-to-eat foods must package foods into take-away containers or brown bags and post signs advising customers to not eat foods in the markets in order to comply with physical distancing requirements.
      • Vendors are encouraged to pre-package prepared foods to minimize direct contact by customers
      • Prepared foods (i.e. bakery items for e.g., breads, muffins) that are not pre-packaged foods at the time of sale must be protected by a barrier (i.e. sneeze guard) or stored away from customer access. Vendors will package the product at time of sale.
      • Clients of farmers’ markets must not use their own containers; vendors must dispense all food products
    • No sampling of foods or beverages at the farmers markets.
    • Food Trucks must make all items take away
      • Make sure you post a sign indicating this

Bonus items for increasing sales: 

  1. Limit Interactions 

    • Try to be as efficient as possible with customers so we can get more customers through in our limited hours
  2. Convert $20 shoppers into $50 shoppers

    • People coming to farmers markets right now are spending more money
    • People want to support local businesses
    • Since fewer customers can come through, find out how to get them to spend more with you
  3. Make Connections Online

    • Find ways of connecting with people online instead of at market
  4. Divert Sales Online 

    • Consider using Local Line (VFM Online Store) to allow your shoppers to preorder and make shopping at the market faster for them while still guaranteeing you market sales. Email Randy for more info.
    • Use VFM Online Orders so shoppers can grab their items quickly

Other Changes & Resources

As our staff resources have shifted, we no longer have a market information tent and some of our regular activities have been moved online. 

  • We no longer are handing out green vendor sales slips. Please email your gross sales to: within 48 hours of the market. 
  • If you have an outstanding invoice, we ask that you take advantage of e-transfers or Vancity member to member transfers. Please email for more info.

Keep your business operating safe during the pandemic by implementing important WorkSafe BC protocols –

The BCAFM has put together an extensive list of resources available for farmers and small businesses.

Please note that the status of our market operations can change at any time. We reserve the right to alter and/or close markets at any time if we feel that correct safety and physical distancing protocols cannot be met. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation with our municipal & provincial partners and provide updates as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and cooperation during this time.