Emergency Procedures

Market Manager Cell Phone: 1-855-900-3276

Market Addresses, Muster Stations and Manager Contact

Specific Market Details

Market Address Manager Muster Station
Riley Park 50 E 30th Ave Bree Hayden Lawn between market and washrooms
Trout Lake 2100 Block 13th Ave Hannah Megally Soccer field east of market (between market and vendor parking)
Kitsilano 2690 Larch St Caroline Pollock Softball backstop NE of market by 10th Ave
West End 1100 Block Comox St Robert Tucker Lord Roberts Parking Lot (Vendor Parking)
Mt Pleasant 2300 Guelph St Laura Gibson Brewery Creek Garden at NE corner of Dude Chilling Park (by water spigot)
Downtown 750 Hornby St Ophelia Bar-Lev-Wise Art Gallery North Staircase 
False Creek 88 Pacific Blvd Katie Simmons Gate C (vendor vehicle entrance/exit)

COVID-19 Updates

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Inclement Weather Policy

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First Aid Emergencies

All market managers have first aid training and the Information Booth is equipped with a First Aid Kit. In case of serious medical emergency:

  1. Assess the situation
  2. Call 9-1-1 and contact the manager
  3. Help maintain buffer around injured person and keep them comfortable
  4. Emergency Marshals* look out for emergency personnel and direct them to the scene

Lost Children

VFM has a procedure for dealing with lost children.

  1. Direct guardian to Information Booth
  2. If authorized, manager shares name and description of child with vendor community
  3. VFM community searches inside the market and guardian searches outside market
  4. If child is not found immediately, manager contacts 9-1-1

If you find a child without a guardian, please bring them to the Information Booth or stay with them and contact the market manager


Manager may initiate an evacuation without tear-down procedures. If you hear 3 blasts:

  1. Leave everything and calmly ensure all your personnel evacuate to muster station
  2. If safe to do so, Emergency Marshals* remain at exits to prevent shoppers from entering the area
  3. Manager clears market area of people and directs vendors to muster station
  4. Assistant Manager holds vendor, volunteer and staff roll-call at muster station
  5. Manager will signify return to operations after receiving all-clear from emergency personnel

*Emergency Marshals: Vendors situated at market exits. Responsible for keeping shoppers out of the market in case of evacuation and/or directing emergency personnel to scene.