Inclement Weather Policy

Cancellation of a market day is viewed as a last resort. If weather conditions present safety hazards beyond what staff could be reasonably expected to handle the market will be cancelled.

The foremost concern of VFM is the safety of our vendors, staff, and shoppers. At all times during operation in extreme weather conditions, safety should be of paramount concern.

The decision to cancel a market day is made after considering:

  • condition of local area roads
  • condition of market site
  • additional extreme weatherforecasted
  • ability for staff to travel to market site

The decision to cancel will be made by the Operations Team in consultation with Executive Director and Market Managers.

Market Cancellation Communications Plan

Once a decision to cancel a market day has been made, the following steps will be taken to communicate to vendors and shoppers:

  • All vendors will be notified by email with receipt confirmation requested
  • Vendors who have not replied to cancellation notification when there is 24 hours left to go will be followed up by phone. If the market is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, emails will not go out prior to phone calls.
  • Notice will be posted on the front page of the website (
  • Cancellation notice will be sent to VFM mailing list
  • Cancellation notice will be posted on all social media networks and repeated as necessary in the 48 hours prior to market
  • Notice of cancellation will continue to run on all social media networks on market day
  • On market day, if conditions permit, a staff member will be posted at the market site to inform shoppers who have missed the above notifications
  • Should conditions not allow staff to be on-site, signage will be left as notification at the market site

The decision to close a market will be made 48 hours prior to the market day if information exists at that time.  A last-minute cancellation is possible in the case of unexpected extreme weather.

All efforts will be made to give as much notice as possible:

  • For Saturday markets, the decision will be made by 10am Thursday
  • For Sunday markets, the decision will be made by 10am Friday
  • For Wednesday markets, the decision will be made by 10am Monday
  • For Thursday markets, the decision will be made by 10am Tuesday

Windy Conditions Protocol | Extreme Heat & Smokey Markets

Download these documents and keep it in your market kit so you are prepared if extreme weather conditions exist on market day. Make sure all your market staff know what to do when unexpected weather exists.