Vendor Advisory Committee


The Farmers Market Vendor Advisory Committee contributes to communications between vendors and the Board of YLFMS, by:

  1. Providing an opportunity for dialogue between vendors who sell at any market.
  2. Offering input to the Board on issues related to policies or Market guidelines, communications, community building and related matters.
  3. Organize and implement the All Vendor’s Meeting every year.

The Committee’s role is advisory; authority for decisions remains with the Board.

Vendor Advisory Committee Terms of Reference: Updated 2022

In the event of conflict

The Vendor Advisory Committee (VAC) was started in January 2004 and consists of vendors representing all VFM markets and vendor categories. Due to the intense, public and economic nature of the markets, issues may arise. As a result, the VAC developed a process to deal with conflict between vendors or between vendors and administration as follows:

The VAC encourages all vendors to address their concerns directly with the appropriate persons – another vendor or Market Administration – as soon as reasonably possible. Situations involving Market Administration or Policy are most quickly clarified by contacting Market staff directly.

If after addressing your concerns with the appropriate person, you still need help to resolve an issue, the VAC is recommending the following process:

1. You can notify any designated member of the VAC of your concern in writing – either as email, mail, fax. or delivered at the market. Concerns delivered on Market day will not be discussed there (all vendors need to focus on their stalls on Market Days!). We understand that in some circumstances, you may want your name kept confidential by the VAC member to whom you are addressing your concern.

Please note: the VAC supports open communication and prefers that vendors be comfortable enough to identify themselves. If it is necessary to identify you to effectively deal with your issue, you will be notified and given the option to withdraw your concern.

2. The VAC member will review your concern and support you to resolve your issue directly with the other party. If necessary, the VAC member will connect with both parties to move towards mutual understanding and agreement.

3. If the concern remains unresolved, the VAC member will consult with the Executive Director if they have not already been involved, and may also bring the issue to a VAC meeting.

4. After an issue is resolved, your annotated written concern will be kept on file with the VAC.  If you have requested confidentiality, your issue will be tallied but your name will not be kept on file.

In Summary:

  1. Address your concerns directly with the appropriate person involved (Market Administration or vendor).
  2. If you need help resolving an issue you can contact a member of the Vendor Advisory Committee in writing.
  3. VAC member will support you in resolving the issue.
  4. If issue remains unresolved, VAC member will consult with the Operations Manager or Executive Director if they have not already been involved.

2022 VAC Committee Members:


  • Michele Barnabe, Blue Comet Seafood
  • Chris Billion, One Love Farm
  • Ramneek Kingra, Mandair Farms
  • Vida Rose, Vida Farm
  • Kevin Klippenstein, Klippers Organic Acres


  • Genevieve Blanchet, Le Meadow’s Pantry
  • Lauren Ritchie, Rictchi’s Bakery


  • Miriam Karp, Odd Society Spirits
  • Dave Brimacombe, Wayward Distillation House


  • Kelly Chau, The Brownie Bakers
  • Seeking Vendor (please contact vac@eatlocal.org with interest) 


  • Irit Sorokin, Irit Sorokin Designs
  • Seeking Vendor (please contact vac@eatlocal.org with interest) 

Suzy Keown (Salt and Harrow Farm), Joanne MacKinnon, Ilana Labow

To communicate with the committee, please send an email to vac@eatlocal.org

The VAC is looking for members! Categories where we would like to see more representation from are: Craft, Food Service & Prepared Food. 

VAC Minutes & Archives