Trout Lake Economic Impact

Trout Lake Farmers Market

East Vancouver’s very own farmers market that attracts people from across the city!

With over 25 years of bringing local food vendors directly to city folks, the Trout Lake Farmers Market features fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meat, eggs, and dairy products, fresh fish, and artisanal prepared food to taste and take home.
Handmade crafts, as well as craft beer, wine, and spirits, are available for purchase, with food and coffee trucks also on site.

Its location in the north parking lot of John Hendry Park makes this urban farmers’ market a great one to walk, bike, or transit to. Buskers often eye for a spot to perform at the market too.

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2023 Economic Impact Study Highlights for the Trout Lake Farmers Market

  • Annual economic impact2 on the local economy: $7.1 million
  • Annual direct sales: $4.75 million
  • Average shopper spending per market visit: $60.87
  • Over 104,00 visits and 78,000 shoppers annually
  • 8% of participants self-identified as tourists or day-trippers to the market
  • 48% of the survey respondents visit the farmers market either regularly (almost weekly) or frequently (2-3 times per month)
  • Shopper spending at other local neighbouring businesses: $2.3 million
  • 66% of study participants said that they would spend $45.54 each shopping or eating at other local neighbouring businesses