Sundays 10am - 2pm
May 3, 2020 - Oct 25, 2020
Kitsilano Community Centre

Kitsilano Farmers Market

Kitsilano Farmers Market is now closed for the season. Thanks to everyone who came out to support our farms and producers this year during the COVID-19 pandemic.

VFM has two weekly winter markets running between October 31st and April 25th. More info on market times, dates, and locations on our homepage.

EACH WEEK AT THE MARKET: 50+ farms and producers, food and coffee trucks

Find a full list of Kitsilano vendors on our Market Map. Looking for a particular vendor? Find them with the help of our Vendor Search Tool.

Shopping during COVID-19

Kitsilano Farmers Market is operating as an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Full physical distancing and safety measures in place – READ MORE ON OUR FAQ PAGE.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be reserving a 30 minute window of time for seniors (65+), shoppers with mobility challenges, and others most vulnerable to COVID-19 at all six of our summer markets. The reserved time at Kitsilano runs from 10am-10:30am every Sunday.

SHOP, DON’T STOP!: Please use the market to stock up on fresh and prepared food items only. Whenever possible, we ask that shoppers send only one member of their household and keep interactions at the market to a minimum. This will help reduce potential exposure to COVID-19, and cut back on wait times for other shoppers.

LEAVE YOUR CANINE FRIENDS AT HOME: We love our furry market friends, but they’re not great at physical distancing and very little is known about the relationship between animals and COVID-19 at this time. To keep everyone safe and distanced, please don’t bring your dog to the market, or ask market staff to watch them while you shop.

Order VFM Online

Looking for a faster, more convenient way to shop with your fave VFM vendors? VFM Online Orders, our new online ordering platform, helps you:

>> Skip the line for safer, more convenient pick-up. Pre-order with individual Kitsilano vendors and arrange pick-up from them outside the market, on your selected date.

>> Get what you need. Ordering ahead ensures high demand products are available when you need them.

>> Plan your shop & save time. View each vendor’s offerings, plan out your complete shop, and price compare, saving you time when you’re at the markets.


1 – Browse from the list of Kitsilano vendors and create an account (quick & easy!) to place orders online

2 – Arrive at Kitsilano Market and head to the Online Order Pickup Spot, located at the north driveway entrance to the market

3 – Call or text your vendor, then wait for them to bring out your order

4 – Pick up and go!


* Please note: VFM Online Orders is an online service where purchases are made directly with individual VFM vendors. All transactions and pick-up/deliveries are fulfilled separately by each vendor, not through Vancouver Farmers Markets.

Kitsilano Farmers Market runs every Sunday, 10am-2pm from May 3 – Oct 25, 2020 at 10th Ave. & Larch St.

Market Amenities

Food Trucks
Bike Racks

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Odlum Brown

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Broadway is the closest bus route. Get off at Larch and walk one block to the south where you’ll see the community centre and market.


Parking is limited and restricted to residents on nearby streets. Park on 12th Avenue, Broadway or in the community centre lot on Larch.