Interested in Becoming a Busker?

Interested in sharing your musical talents with the market community? We book buskers at each of our markets each week all year long. All music should be acoustic (we don’t have access to power at any of our market sites) and appropriate for an all ages event. Bookings must be done in advance through the market office.

Find the Application Form here!

Market Beats – Meet a Few of Our Musicians


GoodHeavenstoBetsyGood Heavens to Betsy
“We’re Good Heavens To Betsy, a female folk trio from Vancouver. 2013 will be our 3rd year busking with the Vancouver Farmers Markets. We help to create a backdrop for the market experience with our music, and are always really happy when people stop by to listen to a song or two – we especially love it when kids come up to dance! In return, the market provides us with an opportunity to share our music with the community, and through the seasons we’ve even managed to pick up some loyal fans. Rain or shine, there is always a friendly, welcoming and appreciative crowd, and we always leave with smiles on our faces. It’s a great gig, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it!”

-Samantha & Donna Rae, Good Heavens To Betsy

NorineBraunNorine Braun
“Every farmers market is different but the energy is always fun and fresh. As a street level performer it’s wonderful to create the ambience of the market that makes people stop and listen or have a dance or two with the kids in front of you. A highlight playing last year was when a woman had just purchased my song on iTunes prior and didn’t know me. She happened to be walking around the market when she heard me singing “Midnight” – the song she had just bought earlier that week. She was excited, beaming and couldn’t wait to tell me her synchronistic story after I finished playing the song – an instant new fan! As a singer-songwriter the markets are a great place to introduce people to my music, sell CDs, hone my chops, try out new tunes and get word out about upcoming local gigs with my trio or full band.”

BettyBerdaBetty Berda “Betz”
“I’ve enjoyed playing at Vancouver Farmers Markets for several years, watching them grow in size and popularity each year. The crowds are friendly, the atmosphere lively, the sights and smells colourful and enticing. Besides supporting locally grown healthy food, markets add culture, colour, and community spirit to the neighbourhoods they serve. As a busker, I find market goers generous and supportive. The market staff have done a great job in promoting live music!”



The Deaf Dogs

“The Deaf Dogs, a band of 3 musicians, storytellers and poets met while wandering around the Trout Lake Farmers Market several years back. Jim Sands (on guitar), Michel Vles (wind instruments), and Wong Wing-Siu (on percussion) had seen each other around town at various music and storytelling events but the three fellows kept bumping into each other while they loitered around the Trout Lake Farmer’s Market looking for local organic food to fill their bellies. Inevitably, they started playing music together and telling each other larger and larger stories. Playing music together and busking at the farmer’s market seemed a natural progression.

The one thing we enjoy the most is the rather stunned look on the faces of our main audience demographic: the 3- 5 year old crowd. The poor kids can’t believe that music is coming out of such a funny looking crew of 3 mismatched grown men. We wish we had a dedicated photographer with us whose sole purpose is to capture the looks on these kids’ faces.”