Our weekly farmers markets are running as essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic, delivering fresh, local food to the public in safe outdoor settings while supporting over 250 BC producers.
Over the last year, we have experienced many challenges to our operations but remain committed to providing safe and vibrant farmers markets for the City of Vancouver, now and in the future. *Donate now to help us in this work.

Vancouver Farmers Markets is a small, community-based non-profit that has been serving the community with local food since 1995. Now it its 25th season, VFM is playing a critical role in supporting small farms and essential food access during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We need your help. VFM’s operations have been significantly impacted by the changes brought on by the pandemic. In 2020, we experienced financial impacts in excess of $100,000 and are predicting a similar impact again in 2021.

More than 250 small farms and food businesses rely on Vancouver Farmers Markets for their livelihoods, and thousands of people depend on them for access to fresh, healthy food. Now, more than ever, Vancouver Farmers Markets are essential. Pledge your support today – your generous donation will help us:

+ Keep our markets safe and open with best safety practices, including monitored physical distancing, directional signage, hand sanitizing stations, and increased space between vendor stalls.

+ Support our producers by providing weekly opportunities to sell to the public during the pandemic, increased access to sales through VFM Online Orders, and support and advocacy for those unable to attend markets at this time.

+ Work with municipal and provincial officials to keep farmers markets open as an essential service, and to meet all requirements to ensure they are a safe place to shop during the pandemic.

+ Provide access to fresh food for low income families. We support over 400 households each season through the Fresh to Families Project and Farmers Market Nutrition Coupon Program.


Thank you for helping us support small farms and provide local food access to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you to our 2020/21 donors!

Jennifer Chiu                 Jenny Marcus                 Peter Colenbrander                 Maya Tincombe               Jenny Shipper

Lauren van Ingen Schenau                 Zoe Sofianos                 Susan Courtemanche                 Gabrielle Segur           Ruth Germain

Karin Demidoff                 Emily Holzman                 Claire Skjelvik                 Miriam Karp           Carolyn Pentopoulos

Maria Dobrinskaya                 Eric L Kowalski                 Patricia Mitchell                 Monique Cloutier

Andrew Hawryshkewich                  Peter Colenbrander                 K. Mondlak                 Ashley Moore                 Helen Lau

Dennis Hovorka                 Falcon Ohara                 Cassandra Mekerewich                 Kathryn Woodward

Michael Hawley                Amy Sheanh                 Katie Sanford                 Karen Larsen               Carol Newell               Valerie Bird

*Please note: Vancouver Farmers Markets is a registered non-profit organization, but not a registered charity. We are unable to issue tax receipts for donations.