Announcing! Most Local Award

For a truly local #foodtruckfeb – we asked our food trucks to create a Market Menu item using ingredients sourced as locally as they could – right from their fellow vendors!

We’ve compiled the data, analyzed all the sources and come up with a winner! Shout out to all participating Food Trucks who did a marvelous job getting creative with local food in February! How many of these delightful dishes did you get to try?

Look for the (*) to find these vendors at this week’s Winter Market

10% Local!

These vendors garnished their Market Menu Item with locally prepared foods

The Bean Buggy  featured Cajeta from OMG in their lattes

20% Local!

These vendors garnished their Market Menu Item with locally farmed foods

Disco Cheetah*  used market carrots, cabbage and onions as garnish on their tacos
Eli’s Serious Sausage  used market mushrooms as garnish on his sausage
J-brulee*  garnished his Classic Vanilla Bean creme brulee with market hazelnuts
The Kaboom Box*  used Little Qualicum Cheese curds and local mushrooms as a garnish on their poutine
Yolk’s Breakfast*  made salsa with Golden West apples to serve with their Crispy Organic Pork Belly Confit

40% Local!

These vendors used locally farmed and/or produced foods as part of their Market Menu Item

Guanaco Salvadoran Cuisine*  featured Chef’s Natural Sausage chorizo and farm fresh eggs in their Campesino Breakfast

60% Local!

These vendors featured locally farmed foods as part of their main Market Menu Item

Soho Road Naan Kebab*  featured Urban Digs Farms carrots and potatoes in their Veg Sabji and garnished their Rice Pudding with honey from Jane’s Honey Bees
West Best Coffee*  featured Klippers Organic Acres peach and apple juices as Fruit Smoothies and made Honey Cinnamon Lattes with milk from The Farm House Natural Cheese and honey from Jane’s Honey Bees

70% Local!

These vendors featured locally farmed foods as part of their main Market Menu Item AND included local farm garnish

Chilitank*  featured Empire Valley Beef, used Earth Apple Farm chili peppers, Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farm & Klippers Organic Acres squash and Stein Mountain Farm garlic, and garnished his Winter Harvest Chili with Lowland Herb Farm green onions

80% Local!

These vendors sourced from multiple prepared food and farm vendors or featured a single locally farmed food as their Market Menu Item

Blue Smoke BBQ  sourced A Bread Affair buns, incorporated KICS marmalade, Aji Gourmet Products hot sauce, Dundarave Olive Company, Chef Enrick Fruit Ketchup, Klippers dried herbs, Saltwest Naturals sea salt, Little Qualicum & Golden Ears cheeses, and Rondriso onions into the Juicy Lucy and served Rootables Chips on the side**
Culver City Salads  made a Crisp Collard Caesar with Crisp Organics collards
Feastro the Rolling Bistro*  created a Wild Foraged chanterelle bisque and Farmers Market Special with local eggs, sausage, mushrooms, and cheese
Old Country Pierogi  featured Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farms beets in his Red Borscht
The Schnitzel Shack*  created the Schnitzel Madley featuring cabbage, beets, microgreens and apples from Cropthorne Farm, Klippers Organic Acres, Vancouver Food Pedalers and Harvey’s Orchards

90% Local!

Locally farmed and produced foods made up at least 90% of these vendors’ Market Menu Item

Aussie Pie Guy  filled a delightful Aussie pie crust with Gelderman pork and blueberries, market onions and spinach, as well as Rondriso potatoes to create their Pork Tourtiere
Le Tigre*  used The Farm House Cheese milk, Helmers potatoes, Crisp Organics carrots, onions and parsnips, Beyond Bread bread and Golden Ears Cheesecrafters Gouda to create the Very Gouda Veggie Gratin

100% Local!

These vendors made everything from scratch and sourced ALL ingredients locally!

Creperie La Boheme  always source all their ingredients thoughtfully (right down to the Saskatchewan buckwheat, Fraser Valley eggs and milk to make their crepes) and featured Rondriso beets in this month’s the TASTY Beet

Over the top!

These vendors made everything from scratch and sourced ALL ingredients from the Winter Farmers Market. They’re guaranteed their top three summer market dates for their efforts. Congrats!

JJs Trucketeria*  made everything in The Harvest Shaker but the Ostro Organics pumpkin seed oil and Farm House Natural Cheeses fermiere from scratch, used Cropthorne Farm Russian Blue potatoes in their gnocchi and topped it all with Crisp Organics brussel sprouts and collards, and Cropthorne squash and carrots

**Special shout out to Blue Smoke BBQ for sourcing from the most Winter Farmers Market vendors!

Find contact info for any of the vendors above | Check out the interactive market map to find out when they’ll be at the Winter Farmers Market | Food Truck February Event page for more details