All about Sponsorships – FAQs

What is it that we do at Vancouver Farmers Markets?

We create vibrant and welcoming markets that build community, feed people, and support small farms and producers.

Our vendors that include farms and producers provide a wide range of fresh food options, including fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, dairy, poultry, sustainable seafood, craft beer, wine, spirits, artisan food products, handmade crafts, wild harvested foods, and hot food and coffee. Through the Fresh to Families Program, we assist low-income families in accessing fresh and healthy food from our vendors.

When you choose to shop at a Vancouver Farmers Market, you’re not just purchasing delicious, fresh food directly from local producers. You’re also contributing over $15 million in direct and indirect benefits to the local and regional economy. Our markets play a vital role in supporting almost 280 small-scale BC farms and producers, while ensuring the sustainable food production of 4,000 acres of local farmland each year.

As a community building organization, we seek to foster mutually beneficial relationships with businesses, institutions, organizations, and individuals that will advance and promote our vision and mission.

Why Sponsorship is important for what we do?

We express immense gratitude towards our market sponsors as they play a crucial role in assisting us with covering expenses for vendors. In doing so, they provide support to small local businesses, many of whom rely on Vancouver Farmers Markets as their primary source of income. We provide progressive companies and organizations with a distinctive and innovative platform to showcase their dedication to sustainable and healthy communities by contributing to the hosting of lively and inclusive markets.

Who could be a Sponsor with us?

We love working with a wide range of businesses and institutions. We evaluate each potential sponsor on an individual basis to ensure the partnership aligns with our vision and mission. We are always seeking reputable community minded businesses and organizations that operate in BC, exercise local purchasing choices, and have a commitment to community improvement initiatives.

What does Sponsorship with VFM mean?

We offer a range of options for folks to support our markets, and are always happy to build custom sponsorship packages to suit the partnership. As our partner, you will have a unique opportunity to engage our loyal following. Benefits of sponsorship can include having access to our 45K+ social media followers, our 4K+ newsletter subscribers, and the opportunity to engage with our shoppers and community on-site, at markets.

Most importantly it gives you an opportunity to align with the Vancouver Farmers Market brand. In 2022 we saw almost 500,000 shoppers and facilitated over 13.8 million in sales for our vendors. Year after year, our amazing shopper community continues to grow. Our community is a socially and environmentally conscientious demographic who notices our sponsors’ contribution.