Featured Vendor

This week we feature another vendor creating their product right here in Mount Pleasant, The Jerky Baron!


A purveyor of free range beef jerky whose ingredient lists include ‘love and care’, Joel Arsenault was one of the original vendors at the Mount Pleasant pilot market in 2012.

Established in 2010, the Jerky Baron resides in Mount Pleasant and produces his jerky out of local butcher shop Harkness and Co. offering a wide range of delightfully seasoned flavours from mild to hot. We stopped by the Jerky Baron’s unique cargo bike portable tent set up at Dude Chilling Park on a sunny #MPFM afternoon to chat and sample the goods…..

What is your top selling jerky?

Mt. Pleasant, part of the neighborhood collection and my signature mild flavor.

How appropriate! Which jerky is your favorite?

Currently, my favorite is the ‘Doc Holiday’. It is a gluten, garlic and soya free alternative to the other jerky selections I offer. It is seasoned with Kentucky bourbon, maple syrup, root beer, and cardamom, to name a few of the main ingredients.

Why do you love Mount Pleasant and #MPFM?

I love Mount Pleasant because I live here, I make my jerky here, and it is great to be able to transport my product to the market by bike. Jerky Baron products are also available for sale at a number of nearby businesses including breweries 33 Acres and Brassneck.


The Jerky Baron returns to #MPFM this week, look for him under the yellow tent!