Alcohol at Farmers Markets

On Saturday, June 21 at our Kerrisdale Farmers Market, Justice Minister Suzanne Anton announced that alcohol will now be able to be sampled and sold at farmers markets across BC.  This announcement was one of many recommendations made as part of the Liquor Guideline Review undertaken last year by the provincial government.

Opening the door to sales of liquor at farmers markets offers small-scale producers the chance to sample and sell their products to local consumers and receive instant feedback that can aid in product development and encourage business growth.

We are looking forward to being able to offer our shoppers the opportunity to purchase wine, beer, cider and spirits at our markets.  We are waiting to hear from the City of Vancouver for the directive to move ahead and hoping that it comes soon!





















Once the details have been worked out, you’ll see a few stalls selling BC wine, beer or spirits alongside the produce and the baking at a farmers market near you.