VFM needs your help getting on the green train to zero waste and beyond! We’re working on reducing the total amount of waste created at the markets, which includes streaming all recyclable materials and eliminating non-recyclable garbage altogether.

Our vendors are currently seeking out compostable and recyclable alternatives for their serveware and packaging, and we’re analyzing our operations to determine various ways of reducing our impact. Here’s how you can help:
Reduce – Please bring your own shopping bags to the markets and reduce the need for another plastic bag. 

Eliminate  Styrofoam trays will no longer be available from our produce vendors. Styrofoam isn’t currently recyclable through curbside programs, and your raspberries will do just fine in a paper bag!

Reuse – Eco-savvy shoppers bring their reusable mugs, mason jars, and shopping bags to the markets for refilling. Don’t forget to bring yours when you come to the markets. 

Recycle – VFM food trucks take back all of their serveware for composting/recycling – make sure you return it to them when you’re done eating your delicious market lunch.

Dispose… elsewhere – Garbage pick-up is expensive! Please support our weekly non-profit events by not bringing outside waste into the markets – that includes coffee cups!

VFM would like to thanks its shoppers, community partners and vendors for their support in making this important transition to BEYOND ZERO WASTE!