Calling all artists!

Help turn our Trout Lake storage container into a work of art and hang out with the awesome Trout Lake Community Centre Youth Council while doing it! Interested? Applications should be submitted to the City of Vancouver’s Integrated Graffiti Management program (contact info below).


Artist Responsibilities

  • Facilitation, creation and design of a mural; submission of required documents for approval.
  • Provide project management and community engagement throughout phases of the project.
  • Coordinate the daily setup and take down of the supplies, materials and equipment.
  • Secure and maintain supplies; ensure all expenses stay within approved budget.
  • Develop and complete a work plan & budget.
  • Provide a list of materials required.
  • Provide labour to repair damage to the mural for two years after completion.
  • Adhere to occupational health and safety policies and legislation, environmental compliance measures for

    materials, techniques, and all disposal methods in accordance with City policies, Government regulations and

    applicable Municipal, Provincial and Federal Laws.

  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

Project Budget

Up to $4,000.00 ($2000 for artist fees and $2000 for all other costs associated)

Selection Process

The incumbent will be selected upon the content included in the resume, cover letter, examples of previous work, and a rough sketch of ideas incorporating the below theme, that enhances the local community, environment and contributes to the visual delight of passers-by and the visual quality of the city.


Must represent an aspect(s) of locally sourced food, farmers markets and community. Also, all murals created in 2015 must contain an image of a “train” which can be hidden somewhere in the design.


Submit a cover letter, resume and/or biography with a rough sketch of your ideas incorporating the theme and any other relevant information by Sunday, July 19th, 2015 to:

Nathan Pope,
Integrated Graffiti Management Program 320-507 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 0B4

The above photo was taken when we moved our container from the west entrance to the middle of the market. We love our new location and our backyard neighbours are eagerly awaiting the day when our container won’t be a large white blob in their backyards!