Celebrate Earth Week!

At Vancouver Farmers Markets, we think Earth Week is every week – our farmers markets keep 16,000 acres of land in sustainable food production, dramatically shorten the distance from field to table and connect thousands of city slickers with the source of their food every single week.

We thought we’d celebrate anyway. Here’s some of what’s going on!

GreenCleanMake Natural All-Purpose Cleaning Products! Making household products that replace the commonly used commercial chemical products in the mass marketplace is definitely contributing to the overall benefit of our planet. We have the choice of eliminating nasty toxins while we clean our home or create environmentally safe products using natural alternatives which are safe and compatible with mother earth…

Making an all purpose cleaning product is fun, affordable and effective! Come and join Cheryl, from Scentimental Creations at the Winter Farmers Market on April 18th for a demo at 10:30am.

Grow Your Own Food! We’re happy to host Garden Lab at Hastings Park this week – a brand new company local to Hastings Sunrise that specializes in making metal, raised bed veggie planters and growing supports. Roland will be sharing his all-in-one, veggie growing system at the market, including a soft planter and trellis cage inside of a circular, metal planter.

Join the Sharing Economy:

  • Sign up for Modo! Did you know that each car shared takes approximately 7 cars off the road? That’s 7 fewer cars polluting our air, guzzling our fossil fuels and cramming our roads with traffic. Learn how to sign up at Hastings Park this Sunday
  • Join a Food Swap! Food Swap Burnaby’s 7th seasonal swap will take place at the market this Sunday. Folks bring treats and goods that they’ve made, baked, grown, or canned themselves, and swap with other food lovers. Spots are filling up quick but you can read more about it and sign up HERE

food_scrap_iconSave the Drop Spot! Help us keep food scraps out of the landfill and Drop Spots at farmers markets this summer

Be Zero Waste: What do you do with that disposable coffee cup*? We’ve got organics, recycling and (when necessary) garbage stations at all our markets. Take a couple extra seconds to figure out where to put your waste. (Most of it goes into the organics bin, promise).

bike_iconBike to the Farmers Market: We’ve got bike racks at all the markets and love to see paniers filled with produce!

More event details on Hastings Park’s Earth Day event page

*Unless it’s totally compostable/recyclable because it comes from one of our vendors: Lid goes in recycling, sleeve goes in organics & cup goes in landfill. Complicated. We know. You should probably just bring your re-usable coffee cup instead.