Corn, Cherries, Taters, Tarts and a Whole Lot More!!!

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Cherries are big at Kerrisdale Farmers Market. In our humble opinion, we think we’ve got the world’s best cherries right here at KFM and lots of vendors will be bring their varieties to the market this Saturday so get in on this fabulous feast.itscherrytimegraphic-01


Who doesn’t like baked potatoes? Taters, The Baked Potato Co. has even turned skeptics into believers! If you enjoy reading about how startups get ‘started up’ follow this link. If you’re a fan of the baked potato, follow the aroma to their food truck this Saturday at Kerrisdale Farmers Market!



The mighty bee. What creature works as hard as the humble honey bee to bring us such good stuff? They work hard at Jane’s Honey Bees too. Read about them here. And take a look at this little critter. See that pollen on it’s legs. One day that’s going to be honey. Let’s hear it for the bees!


Have you tried a lemon tart by Sweet Thea Cakes? No. Well, that’s a shame, because the Sweet Thea lemon tart is nothing short of exquisite. But everything this company creates is of the highest quality. If you would like to see some gorgeous dessert creations follow the link to their website. And check them out this Saturday as they will be brining lemon tarts and lots of other irresistible creations to KFM.


Plus, we’ll have lots or organic and traditional produce, fresh fruits, baking, coffee and lots more so we look forward to seeing you this Saturday rain or shine!

Looking for your favourite vendor? Here’s a link to our interactive market map.