Downtown Market Fresh Box – June 22

This week’s Fresh Box was full of colour and flavour.  The market is bursting with greens and cherries and berries have hit the scene!

 In this week’s Fresh Box:
Salad Mix
– SoleFood Farms
Kohlrabi – Abundant Acres
Apple Cider – Taves Family Farm
Garlic Scapes – BC Garlic
Cherries – Rai Produce
Cherry Tomatoes – Taves Family Farm
Baby Bok Choy – One Love Farm
Carrots – Nature Village Farm

Never Tried Garlic Scapes?
Garlic scapes are the curly tendrils of the garlic bulb plant – cutting them off helps the plan to focus growing energy on the bulb. They’ve gained a bit of a cult following and local garlic fans look forward to their appearance at the market each spring/summer.
As Abdul from BC Garlic says, “Garlic scapes are the most versatile vegetable – anything you can do with any other vegetable, you can do with garlic scapes”.  We agree – try them pickled, chopped up in fried rice, stir-fried with other favourite veggies, sauté them, make pesto or use them to season dishes as you would garlic (with a milder flavour).

Check your Fresh Box for a bunch of garlic scapes and a delicious recipe from BC Garlic that uses cherry tomatoes too!

Thanks for picking up a Fresh Box and don’t forget to order one for next week!