Farmers Market Photo Contest!

Hello, local food and photography enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity that combines your love for farmers markets with your passion for photography. It’s your chance to shine, share your talent, and contribute to your own farmers’ markets!

What’s the Buzz About?

We’re on the hunt for the most captivating, heartwarming, and beautiful farmers market photos from our community. Whether it’s the vibrant colors of fresh produce, the lively atmosphere, or the unique interactions at the market, we want to see the farmers market through your lens. Send us your most cherished farmers market photo to, and you could be one of the 10 lucky winners to have your work featured on exclusive postcards. These unique postcards will be part of our Market Merchandise collection this year, celebrating the essence and spirit of local markets.

Prizes That Await You

Spotlight on Your Work

The 10 winning entries will see their favorite market photo featured on postcards sold at farmers markets. Imagine your work being admired by hundreds of market-goers, with your name credited on each postcard. It’s a fantastic way to gain recognition and showcase your talent in the community.

Supporting a Noble Cause

By participating, you’re not just gaining exposure; you’re also contributing to a meaningful initiative. A portion of the sales proceeds from these postcards will be donated to the Fresh to Families Program, which supports families in need by providing them with fresh, local produce. It’s a win-win – your work supports both your passion and a vital community cause.

A Chance to Win More

The love doesn’t stop there! The most sold postcard (the community’s favorite photo) will earn its talented photographer a $100 Gift Card, usable at the farmers’ markets. It’s our way of saying thank you and giving back to the person behind the most appreciated visual story of our markets.

How to Enter

Participating is easy! Simply send your best farmers market photo to by March 31, 2024. Make sure your submission captures the essence of what makes farmers markets special to you. We can’t wait to see the markets through your eyes!

Ready, Set, Click!

This contest is more than just a competition; it’s a celebration of our local markets, the people who make them possible, and the communities they serve. Your photographs help capture and share the beauty of local food and the importance of supporting local farmers and producers.

So, grab your cameras, visit your local farmers market, and let your creativity flow. We’re excited to see your submissions and to share your incredible work with our community and beyond. Let’s make this summer season one to remember with stunning visuals that tell the story of our beloved farmers markets.

Stay tuned for updates, and may the best photos win!