Featured Sponsor: The Cut at the Trout Lake Market⭐️

Featured Sponsor: The Cut at the Trout Lake Market

We love our communities, and the people who contribute in building them. Every market is a microcosmos that serves as a valuable meeting point in our neighbourhoods, and an opportunity to celebrate our differences and authentic traits.

We also love to see our markets growing with new visitors and neighbours and that’s exactly what we expect to see with the upcoming launch of The Cut, a community of Trout Lake townhomes and garden flats by fabric and Ergas, which will be built just a short walk from the Trout Lake Farmers Market in East Vancouver. In addition to the lake’s beautiful scenery, convenient amenities and endless restaurants, the Trout Lake Farmers Market is helping to draw newcomers to the community. Naturally, people are drawn to the community vibe and great food showcased at the market – this is the Nature of the East (as The Cut calls it!)

fabric and Ergas, the developers of The Cut, have sponsored the Trout Lake Farmers Market for the 2022 season and have enjoyed the opportunity to get to know their new neighbours.

Earlier this season, The Cut generously gifted their market space to local not-for-profit organizations like Earthbites and Flavours of Hope, giving these amazing groups the opportunity to attend the market and gain valuable exposure for their organizations.

Earthbites is a school garden society based in Vancouver that works with schools and students in Vancouver and throughout BC to teach them about growing food and eating healthy while Flavours of Hope is a non-profit social enterprise that supports refugee and immigrant newcomer women in Canada. Through Dream Cuisines, these women gain access to mentorship, kitchen space, and peer-based knowledge sharing as they build up their burgeoning food businesses.

Vijaya Bhat, pictured above, is part of the Dream Cuisines 2022 cohort. She arrived from India 2.5 years ago and is working hard to realize her dream of @superawesomeeats, a vegan sourdough baking business. Vijaya is a dedicated creative baker who dreams of owning a small café one day and through the support of The Cut’s team, she was able to promote her delicious cinnamon buns at the Trout Lake Farmers Market!

The Cut team will be attending the Trout Lake Farmers Market on Saturday, October 1st and they have several exciting giveaways planned in anticipation of their project launch towards the end of the year. You can learn more and register for The Cut townhomes + garden flats at www.thecuteastvan.com.

The Vancouver Farmers Market is grateful to have amazing sponsors like The Cut supporting our local markets. Thank you to the fabric + Ergas teams behind this exciting development for being such a great addition to our community.