Food Swap at Hastings Park Winter Market

523597_262524363841403_121420568_nJoin us for a food swap at the new Hastings Park Winter Market on November 30.  Food Swaps are events where you can swap your home grown, made, baked or canned goods for someone else’s bounty and diversify your pantry.  It’s getting on in the season so by now you may have already finished canning for the year. You don’t need to settle for 24 jars of strawberry jam though – you can parlay that jam into bread, cookies, home grown veggies, salsa, pickles and more!

The event takes place under the big tent at the Hastings Park Winter Market from 11-12:30pm and pre-registration is required.  All the information is on the Eventbrite page below – you can learn more about Food Swapping from the links provided therein.

Come one, come all – join us in sharing our wealth – we’ll all be happier for it!


The food swap is operated by Food Swap Burnaby in partnership with Vancouver Farmers Markets.