Go Zero Waste and support your local Meal Kit

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Fresh Prep to showcase Zero Waste Kit at the summer farmers markets

Fresh Prep is a sponsor of the Kitsilano & Trout Lake Farmers Markets.

This summer, Fresh Prep is offering VFM shoppers $44 off their first order. Keep reading to learn more on how Fresh Prep is reducing their packaging and how to sign up for their meal-kits, and see their Zero-Waste packaging in person on at Kitsilano on Sunday, June 13th & Trout Lake on Saturday, June 19th. Say hi to the Fresh Prep team at the market for a bonus offer!

Fresh Prep goes Zero Waste

Meal Kits have found their way into many of our lives, changing the way we think about dinner, and tempting us with restaurant-quality recipes delivered straight to our doorsteps.

But Meal Kits have a packaging problem, adding to the tons of single-use plastics flooding landfills each year.

Fresh Prep’s industry-first Zero Waste Kit hopes to change the tide on plastic waste. Designed for convenience, made for sustainability, it is a reusable container that enables you to enjoy a Meal Kit experience without unnecessary waste. The Zero Waste Kit holds meal kit ingredients, reduces the use of single-use plastics, and serves up an easier cooking experience.

Fresh Prep is Vancouver’s homegrown Meal Kit company. All our meals are made with love for food and community and nearly 100% of our Add-On items are sourced from local suppliers who create hand-crafted, quality goods.

From day one, Fresh Prep has been guided by our mission to deliver quality and convenience, sustainably. As a B-Corporation, it is our responsibility to design a Meal Kit that is not only convenient for our customers but also positively impacts the local community and environment.

The benefits of the Zero Waste Kit include, but are not limited to:

Cut out single-use plastics.

Increased convenience (with no added cost, time or effort.)

Stress-free returns.

With a shared love for our local community, Fresh Prep and Vancouver Farmers Market are partnering to offer customers a discount when they try our Meal Kits. Just use code BDVFM at checkout!

What are you waiting for? Sign up today to enjoy your first week starting from $5!