Good Food, Happy Family @ RIPE 2014



photo: Joey Armstrong
photo: Joey Armstrong

When Vij’s Rangoli partners with Crisp Organics to create their RIPE 2014 appetizer, they will be united in their desire to bring good food to the family table and a belief that centering a meal around fresh ingredients will result in a great tasting healthy meal and happy people.

In 2010 the Arkesteyn-Vogler family purchased 11 acres in Abbotsford. Focused on sustainability and growing organically, they are committed to reducing pollution that enters the soil, streams, and air. The family enjoys the challenge, both mental and physical, and the way it keeps them on their toes. As a VFM vendor, Crisp Organics appreciates the ability to grow a wide variety of crops and the to provide the freshest produce possible to the consumer. As Andrew  Arkesteyn-Vogler explains “We strive to serve the local food culture through growing the best tasting vegetable varieties and ensuring customers receive only the freshest produce possible, preferably picked the day of delivery.”

Meeru Dhalwala, of Vij’s Rangoli, grew up in Washington DC in the 70’s. She fondly recalls, long before the rise of urban markets, that every Saturday morning the family would drive 45 minutes to buy the freshest produce and meat at the market. It was a family outing that would culminate with a wonderful family meal at the end of the day. It was here, that Meeru learned the value of fresh produce. That value is the basis for Meeru’s delicious meals today, “No labels or trends, just delicious raw foods to cook delicious cooked foods or make salads.  I hope that, in an age when we are becoming more intellectual and rhapsodical, and less emotional, about our food, I am still providing the family comfort of a fresh tasting and very emotional meal “.

We can barely contain our anticipation of the wonderful creation this dynamic duo will create for RIPE 2014. Tickets are selling quickly so be sure to act quickly if you want to join us for RIPE 2014.