We’re gonna be 20…

…and you’re all invited to our birthday party!

  • When: Saturday, July 12, 9am-2pm (Speeches and cake around noon)
  • Where: Trout Lake Farmers Market (north parking lot of John Hendry Park)
  • Who: our founders, vendors, volunteers and you!

We’ll have all the best ingredients: good people, birthday cake and pictures from when we were young.

Here’s a few to get you started:

Helmers' Organic Potatoes
The Helmers before they had a double stall and grown children to run it
Arila Apiary
This almost looks like it could have been taken last week…
Stein Mountain Farm
That’s Nikiah (who runs Solstice Coffee) under his father Ron’s arm. Now he has his own baby!
Golda's Finest Foods
Classic shot of Richard hawking his gourmet pesto

See you there!