In season: peonies

Photo: Warmerdam Flowers

We’re sadly missing our flower growers at the markets right now, especially as one of our favourite blooms is just coming into season – peonies!

These gorgeous and delicately fragrant beauties will be available from a number of our flower vendors between now and mid-June – read a full list of what’s available and where to find them below…


Photo: Warmerdam Flowers


Warmerdam Flowers

In bloom: peonies – Pink Hawaiian Coral, Red Charm varieties

Where to buy: order online and pick up in Vancouver or Abbotsford. More details at



Photo: River & Sea Flowers

River & Sea Flowers

In bloom: organically grown peonies, anemones, Icelandic poppies, ranunculus, lupins, and dahlia tubers.

Where to buy: online store with farm pick-up in Delta. Click here for more details on how to order by the bunch and CSA.



Photo: Agnes & Bryan Warmerdam Specialty Daffodils

Bryan & Agnes Warmerdam Specialty Daffodils

In bloom: peonies – 10+ varieties!

Where to buy: available by pick up at their roadside stand on their farm in Abbotsford. Email or call ahead for larger orders – 604-857-1486 or 778-347-0555.




Photo: The Front Yard Flower Co.

The Front Yard Flower Co.

In bloom: potted rudbeckias, dahlia tubers

Coming soon: bouquets available mid to late June. Flower subscriptions available starting in July. Find out more at