Meet the 2022 Seeds for Growth vendors!

Seeds for Growth offers new entrepreneurs one-on-one mentorship and a more accessible, low-barrier entry point to markets. Now, after a month of recruitment, a food panel, new vendor onboarding and expert guidance, our five participants are ready to launch their products at the Hastings Park and Riley Park Winter markets.

Each vendor is trialing the winter markets throughout February before deciding if they’d like to continue on.

Be sure to show them some support! Each participant will have this sign posted on their booth, so keep an eye out for it.

Now, it’s time we shared a little more about our seven awesome Seeds for Growth vendors, and why you need to try their delicious offerings!

Empanada Girls

IG: @empanadagals

Market Dates: Riley Park Winter: Feb 5 & 19 |  Hastings Park: Feb 13 & 27

Carmen and Julia opened Empanada Gals in 2020 after the pandemic inspired a change in their careers.

They’re selling tasty empanadas, thin pastries made using an ancient Guatemalan recipe. What makes their empanadas unique? The diverse flavour combinations – traditional but with local favourites! Carmen & Julia say: “Our products are a breakfast item, a charcuterie board addition, kids snack, anything you want!”

The Stubborn Baker

IG: @thestubbornbaker

Market Dates: Riley Park Winter: Feb 5 & 19 |  Hastings Park: Feb 13 & 27

Jessica started her custom desserts business in 2019. Born from a passion for baking and a determination to uproot society‘s perception of individuals with disabilities, The Stubborn Baker is dedicated to bringing joy to people through edible art,  “nothing makes me happier than creating something to help commemorate people’s most special occasions” she says. 

I was rejected from several pastry schools due to the fact that I use a wheelchair. I like to think that it was my “stubbornness” that pushed me and gave me the determination to prove that I was more than capable of succeeding in this world!”


IG: @plant_astic_food

Market Dates: Riley Park Winter: Feb 12 & 26 |  Hastings Park: Feb 6 & 20

Sanit overhauled his lifestyle in 2013 to reduce his high cholesterol levels, he started up Plantastic in 2020 with the aim to bring healthier alternatives to the community without any compromises on taste and texture. 

He makes cheesecakes that are 100% vegan, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, and made with high-quality natural ingredients. He says: “Our customers tell us our cheesecakes are unrecognizable as vegan…they love that they have a lighter texture that’s not overly sweet.”

Sauce Club

IG: @Sauceclubco

Market Dates: Riley Park Winter: Feb 12 & 26 |  Hastings Park: Feb 6 & 20

Eunjoo & Craig started Sauce Club to provide the community with flavour packed  sauces made with local ingredients and inspired by their travels. They say: “Our sauces are the exciting collaboration between Eunjoo’s Korean food background, and Craig’s traveling experiences, to create unique and exciting culinary flavours.” 

All five products are small batch, and plant-based and come with helpful serving suggestions.

Tamaly Shop

IG: @tamalyshop

Market Dates: Riley Park Winter: Feb 12 & 26 |  Hastings Park: Feb 6 & 20

Tamaly Shop prepares authentic Mexican tamales, blending ancient flavours with local ingredients. Tamales are a traditional dish made with a corn dough mixture, filled with meats, salsas, beans or cheese and wrapped in corn husk.

Liz says “We invite you to experience Mesoamerican culture! With a taste for every detail we have crafted an authentic masa dough, with traditional and signature fillings that invite you to dream of a bustling Mexican market at sunrise.” 


Find the Seeds for Growth vendors at Riley Park Winter and Hastings Park markets every weekend throughout February.  

Learn more about the Seeds for Growth Program here

Seeds for Growth is generously supported by our friends at Impact Canopy