It’s Cherry Time at Kerrisdale Farmers Market

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This week sees the return of the popular Jobst-Hof from the Okanagan. He’ll be bringing down a truckload of fresh, big and beautiful cherries. But we’ve got other cherry vendors too so spread the love around and get in on this bounty from some of the world’s best orchards.

And don’t forget about our Corn Festival on July 25. BCs hot hot weather means that corn is early and that’s why our annual corn festival is on July 25. We’re having a BBQ corn roast with lots of butter and salt and pepper available. Plus we’ll have lots of other corn products available along with corn prize giveaways on our Spinnerama wheel!



The late James Barber once said that ‘fresh butter and good bread was one of life’s great feasts.’ We happen to agree. You’ll have to supply the butter but Beyond Bread has the most beautiful loaves you’ll find anywhere. Kitsilano’s Beyond Bread will be onsite so check them out.

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Try Aji Gourmet Products and The Original Mexican Gourmet. Aji (pronounced Ah-hee) is the Latin American word for all hot peppers. Aji also makes delicious guacamoles and pepper sauces that range from mild to blast furnace hot!

The Original Mexican Gourmet makes Cajeta [ka-heh-tah] which is a goat’s milk caramel spread with centuries of tradition. Its applications are truly endless! Enjoyed the same on toast, as it is in baking, or drizzled over ice cream or cheesecake….whatever your heart desires! Glorias. This simple yet delicious toffee-like candy packs a punch of OMG Vanilla Cajeta flavour that has been reduced even further and then added roasted pecans. These ‘heavenly’ treats are typical from northern Mexico, particularly in Monterrey city. They are typically wrapped in red cellophane squares and sold in packages. At OMG just like we make our Cajeta, we follow the traditional recipe to recreate the same flavours.

Sound interesting? It does to me. I’ll be there sampling these unique offerings and we hope to see you here as well!

Want to find where your favourite vendor will be in the market? Here’s a link to an interactive market map.