Kerrisdale – July 12th


Sull Farms, Guichon Farm and G&D Growers will be bringing raspberries this week! Enjoy these tasty summertime gems as they are or buy a bunch for making jam.

Kerrisdale favourite Jobst-Hof Farm finally returns to Kerrisdale for the season laden with tree fruit extraordinaire from Oyama.


We’re expecting royalty at this Saturday’s market! Her Majesty’s Pie Company and The Granola King will honour us with an audience. Their offerings are fit for a king and commoner alike!

We’re also welcoming The Jerky Baron this week who will grace us with his exotic flavours of beef jerky, made in East Vancouver.


Have you tried camelina oil yet? Three Farmers will be sampling this delicious cooking oil. The light, nutty, earthy tones of the cold-­pressed camelina oil make it easy to include into your every day diet and all your favourite meals. It can easily be used to replace any other cooking oil and makes every dish memorable.


PureBread from Whistler will be offering their delicious range of pastries and breads. Try the salted caramel bar. It’s amazing. Actually – try it with a cup of Brazilian coffee. Mogiana Brazilian Coffee will be onsite (and they just might need some love after the past events of this week, if you get my drift). Plus we’ve got Marie’s Guilt Free Bakery for those of you searching for gluten free.

Rootables Chips, The Jam Ladies, Great Himalaya, Valley Gold Bee Co. for fabulous honey, and lots more. So come early. But wait… there’s more! Come early and play the Spinnerama Wheel. It’s at the entrance to the market and each week we have 4 prizes for the lucky people who land on the right wedges (kids always win too). It’s free to spin and you just might win!

See you at the market!