Kerrisdale – July 19

We’ve got a full roster of delectable stuff this coming Saturday!

  • Chef’s Natural Sausage is back – follow the aroma of sausages on the grill for samples
  • Chef Enrick will return with his sweet & savoury pies and authentic cretons
  • Don’t forget The Mushroom Man – Scott is back with his foraged & farmed morsels
  • Greendale Meats returns with free range, grass-fed, non-medicated beef

You’ll also see Jobst-Hoff with cherries, Guichon Farms with potatoes & peppers, Natural Village with herbs & carrots, G & D Growers with raspberries, Farmer Koo with potted flowers & veggies, Sull Farms with blueberries, Plenty Wild with zucchini and more … whew… that’s a lot of fresh produce to choose from!

Food Fact of the Week

Did you know that honey never goes bad? To prevent crystallization, keep honey at room temperature or in the freezer, not the fridge. If your honey crystallizes, place the open jar in a pan of hot water and heat gently until no crystals remain.

To learn more about honey and other bee products, visit Jane’s Honey Bees and stop for a chat.

What’s for Lunch?

Culver City Salads will be onsite this week with fresh & flavourful salads – always vegan and gluten-free, always packed with loads of colourful vegetables and proteins. Their dressings are made from scratch, gluten free and vegan, and you can take a bottle home with you for later. The ladies of Culver City work with local farms, whole ingredients, and strive to be as sustainable as possible, using only 100% compostable packaging.

Market Fun

Play the Spinnerama! If you get to the market early you can spin the Carnival Wheel at the entrance to the market for a chance to win one of 4 weekly prizes! Kids always win something.

Speaking of kids, we’ve got a weekly “Kid Zone” set up at the entrance for them to do some bubble blowing or chalk drawing, along with facepainting and live music.

See you at the market!