Kits – July 19

(photo credit: Rachel P.)
(photo credit: Rachel P.)

Cherries, cherries, cherries!

If you’ve been at the market recently, you would know that cherry season is here! Several varieties of cherries have popped up throughout the market. Like crunchy tart cherries? Or are soft sweet cherries more your style? Come to Kits this weekend and we will definitely have the cherry that suits your taste buds. Jobst-Hof, Golden West, Stein Mountain and Harvey’s Orchards are just a few cherry vendors you can expect to see this weekend.

Stop, drop, recycle!

This weekend Electrorecycle will be at the market accepting small appliances for recycling. This pop up recycling station appears only once a month, so stop in and drop off your recycling! Located right next to the Drop Spot tent, we’re making it easy for you at Kits to recycle, compost and buy groceries at one convenient location!

Find out more about Electrorecycle and their recycling programs here.

#MeetMyMarket Contest Is On!

Bring a friend to your favourite farmers market and enter to win big! It’s super easy to enter, just pop into our info booth and fill out a ballot to enter the weekly draw. Follow @BCFarmersMarket and tag #MeetMyMarket on Twitter and Instagram and  you’ll be eligible to win prizes throughout July. Find out more here:

For a complete weekly vendor schedule, check out our Weekly Market Map.