Leave NO ONE behind

Little Mountain Neighbourhood House Society Donation Station

Collective action across 150 countries worldwide is what makes World Food Day one of the most celebrated UN days of the UN calendar. As as we approach World Food Day this weekend, we continue with our efforts towards helping create a world with better food security.

We are honoured to have Joanne MacKinnon, Community Engagement Coordinator with Little Mountain Neighbourhood House Society, as part of our community and she has been kind to share her thoughts about the work they are doing and how it aligns with the theme for World Food Day “No One is Left Behind“.

Joanne says, “Globally and locally, more people are experiencing food insecurity. The Vancouver Farmers Market, it is shoppers and farmers supports local organizations to provide the community with access to healthy, culturally appropriate food.”


She continues by highlighting how it is unfortunate that more people locally are being left behind. And she believes that farmers markets are part of the solution! The Little Mountain Neighbourhood House Society is a proud partner of the Vancouver Farmers Market. Through the partnership, shoppers and farmers provide community members with access to local, healthy produce that otherwise would be inaccessible for them as inflationary food costs consume more of their fixed income.

At the monthly Donation Station at Riley Park, shoppers donate funds to support our Food Distribution program and our middle eastern families and food literacy programs receive produce donated by farmers at Riley Park and Mt Pleasant. In 2022, as our community deals with the increased challenge to put food on the table, we joined the Farmers Market Coupon Program that supports 80 households to buy produce at the markets.


Joanne ends by again highlighting that farmers Markets are an essential part of the local food security landscape and that she invites more people to support our farmers and create a more resilient, healthy community.


And we can not end without sharing this beautiful video by the FAO

We’re all in this together so we leave no-one behind