Main St Station – June 10

Hello Main St Station Market fans! We have another great market coming up this Wednesday June 10th, and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

Once again, you will get to see a beautiful range of colours this week at Main St Station. Just to name a few:

-Like green? Farmer Koo has all the different shades from Kale to Bok choy!
-Hankering for yellow? Jane’s Honey Bees will have a lovely golden scheme of honeys!
-Need some red? S&G covers that with delicious fresh berries!
Come fill your shopping bags with a rainbow of tastiness!
Also, did you know that the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market is starting up again for the 2015 season? If you need to stock up on market treats again on the weekend, stop by Dude Chilling Park on Sundays from 10am-2pm. Make sure to stop by for opening ceremonies and treats this Sunday June 14th at 9:45am.
See you at the market!

Check out our market schedule to see who will be onsite every week