Market Sponsor: Enerex Botanicals

The Trout Lake Farmers Market is brought to you in part by the generous folks at Enerex Botanicals. In addition to helping us with operational costs, they are hosting a season-long bicycle raffle and three Meet Your Maker: Nutrition Tours.  You can fill in a ballot for the raffle every week you come to Trout Lake and sign up for the nutrition tours online. If you see the Enerex folks onsite, make sure to stop by and say thanks! They’ll be at Trout Lake on the following dates: Aug 2, Sept 6, and Oct 4

EnerexEnerex Botanicals is a Vancouver-based nutraceutical company dedicated to contributing to a better world. Our goal is to lead consumers along the path to a healthy life by providing a comprehensive line of high-quality nutritional supplements, educating the public about the effectiveness of natural remedies, and taking every step to minimize our impact on the planet.

Since our start in 1997, Enerex has been committed to helping consumers improve their lives. We source the highest-quality raw materials, develop formulations that maximize nutrient bioavailability, protect the potency and purity of our products by using top-quality non-reactive packaging, and strictly adhere to the international Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards throughout the process.

As a strong believer in community, Enerex is very proud to partner with the Vancouver Farmers Markets. Buying local helps many ways: produce contains more nutrients when allowed to ripen on the plant rather than in a truck, less energy is spent on transporting food, and best of all, profits and benefits stay within the community. Come visit us at the Vancouver Farmers Market and help support our friends and neighbours!


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