Mount Pleasant vendor of the week!

This week at #MPFM we are featuring one of our long time vendors from beautiful Squamish, BC – Good Time Farming! We chatted with Nic and Stefan Butler at the market last Sunday…. 

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When was Good Time Farming established, and where do you farm? 

Good Time Farming started in 2007. We are currently farming on five plots in Brackendale, and up the Squamish Valley in both rural and urban-“ish” environments. Most of the work is done manually with little machinery used. Biodynamic principles and companion cropping are followed in a very natural growing system that creates high quality, nutrient dense product. Our operations are year round, with produce grown in our greenhouses through the winter.

We are a family run business. Our Mom grows our sprouts and flowers, Stefan and Lindsay oversee most of the vegetable production, and Nic has been focused on working with the bees.

Bees! Are you selling honey this year at #MPFM? 

We have 40 colonies and have been producing honey this year, available for sale here at the market. We have been learning a lot about bee keeping and honey production, its very interesting. We have been growing flowering cover crops for the bees and letting our brassicas go to flower – pollinators love brassica.

 What do you love about #MPFM? 

We love the customers! We have been at Mount Pleasant market since the very beginning.

Good Time Farming is at #MPFM every Sunday, and they will also be found at the VFM Winter Market starting in November! 

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written by Andrea Rivers, VFM volunteer