Reduce Your Single Use

Vancouver Farmers Markets is phasing out single-use plastics at our weekly markets beginning summer 2020.


This time next year, we’ll be saying adios to single-use plastic produce bags, clamshell packaging, plastic cutlery, and cups at all VFM events. To help shoppers prepare for this transition to greener markets, below are some simple steps to reduce your single-use plastic waste: 


Bring your own bag when you shop at the markets! VFM eliminated plastic shopping bags in 2008 and since then, we’ve asked shoppers to bring their own totes, baskets, and other bags from home. If you forget yours, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! A selection of reusable, locally-made tote bags are available for purchase at any VFM market, starting at $14.

Bonus – sales of tote bags help support VFM, a registered non-profit organization.

Use Reusable Produce Bags

Single-use plastic produce bags will be a thing of the past at VFM beginning summer 2020. Bundle your lettuce, apples, potatoes, and other bulk items in reusable produce bags. We sell a set of 3 Got It bags for $14 or singles for $5 at all VFM market Info Booths.

Zero Waste Pro Tip – before bagging, think if that item needs a bag (does your cucumber really need that bag?).

Bring Reusable Containers for Squishable Items

Don’t squish your precious sungold tomatoes, protect them! Bring reusable containers or metal tiffins from home for any of your delicate market goodies.

Keep it fresh – use reusable containers to store your leafy greens, micro greens, berries, cherries and other market finds to keep everything fresh in your fridge without the plastic bag.

Don’t Forget Your Reusable Mugs and Cutlery!

Coffee tastes soooo much better when you know you’re not wasting a disposable cup and plastic lid. Bring yours from home or get yourself a VFM enamelware mug and refill with hot, fresh coffee at the market. Lunch also tastes extra delicious with cutlery from home – bring forks, spoons, and chopsticks to reduce your carbon footprint!

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