In Season: Cherry Creamsicles

Cherry Creamsicles

by: Patty Javier Gomez, R.H.N

Cherries are a favourite summer fruit for many. If you are one of those people then now is your time! Besides being delicious, cherries have some pretty awesome health benefits too. Did you know that cherries contain powerful antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, and can help reduce inflammation in the body? Beat the June heat this yummy cherry creamsicle recipe!


1 can coconut milk

2 1/2 cups pitted cherries

1Tbs vanilla extract

3-4 Tbsp. maple or agave syrup (taste to see if you need more)

Popsicle molds


1. Blend items in a food processor or blender

2. Pour into popsicle mold

3. Freeze over night

4. Eat up!

This recipe was provided by Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Follow along with them on Instagram at @csnnnational for healthy eating tips, recipes, and more!