a solution to single-use throwaway culture

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The case against single-use plastic is clear: in 2020, humans produced an overwhelming 2 billion tonnes of waste globally, including 275 million tonnes of plastic waste. As people are becoming more and more aware of the world’s waste problem, we’re seeing businesses transition away from plastics and move toward more “sustainable” alternatives, such as compostable plastic cups, disposable bamboo utensils and paper takeout containers. While it’s amazing to see a reduction in single-use plastics, many of these alternatives are not holy grail solutions – bamboo and paper support exploitive unsustainable land management tactics and bio-based plastics will never actually biodegrade. 


The ultimate solution is to eliminate waste and move away from single-use throwaway culture altogether. 

Reusable alternatives beat single-use in every environmental measure. Reusable alternatives to “biodegradable” takeaway containers and cutlery save upward of $5 Billion for food service businesses, and another $5 billion taxpayers who bear the burdens of throw-away culture. Tomorrow’s reuse economy will circumvent 86% of disposables, cutting out the impacts of single-use plastic and plastic alternatives.  With, supporting your favourite restaurants and reducing your footprint becomes seamless – by providing restaurants with reusable tins and streamlining the circular system of collection, cleaning, and re-use consumers can now enjoy zero-waste meals at home and on-the-go.


Doing right shouldn’t be hard; and makes it easy; as easy as foregoing your plastic straw, choosing paper over plastic bags, or prompting your barista to keep the lid. Conceived in East Van, launched in March 2021 with 4 restaurants committed to a shared vision of a zero-waste future. Jamjar Canteen and Bandidas Taqueria on Commercial Drive, and Kula Kitchen and Field & Social in Mount Pleasant –’s pilot partners – have seen the benefits of reuse economics in real time. Over the last 5 months alone, partnering restaurants have prepared more than 2,000 meals in Reusables, which translates to over 100 kgs of single-use packaging waste diverted from landfills. With 10 locations currently offering their containers (and more coming soon!), we can’t wait to see this impact grow. 

The bottom line is clear: by simply opting to order your favorite takeout in Reusables, you’re making an impact. No catch-22, no deciphering those little recycling symbols, or decoding zealous marketing tactics. was founded in 2020 to eliminate waste by developing a circular economy of sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics and ineffective biodegradable alternatives. By becoming a member and ordering your favorite takeout in our containers you too can join the movement. Visit us at the Trout Lake Market on September 11 to say hi and learn more. You can also find us at