Save the Drop Spot…

…and help keep food scraps out of the landfill!

food_scrap_iconAt the Vancouver Farmers Markets, Food Scraps Drop Spots exist through a collaborative model. Vancouver Farmers Markets donates space, equipment and organizing power, Recycling Alternative offers discounted hauling service & website hosting and community droppers give $2 per drop to cover the discounted hauling fee.

Save the Drop Spot!

In order to keep the Farmers Market Drop Spots open in the summer, we need to collect $100/market to cover hauling fees (we’ve only been receiving $35). This Earth Month, we’re planning to reach $400 in four weeks. The Drop Spot is open every Saturday, 10-2 at the Winter Market

  • Are you a dropper? Donate at least $2 every time you drop.
  • Not a dropper? Donate to keep the program going
  • Don’t have $ to give? Share our event on Facebook

We’ll keep you posted on our progress this month.

RAISED SO FAR: $289/400 – we’re just about 3/4 of the way!

Look for this sign at the market to donate!


Thanks for helping us keep food scraps out of the landfill!