Super Awesome Eats – Serving Culture Inspired Flavours

Super Awesome Eats

Super Awesome Eats – brainchild of Vijaya Bhat, well actually her friends, who often called her food as “Super Awesome”, is a vegan sourdough baking business! Vijaya arrived from India two and a half years ago. With Dream Cuisines, she got a chance to realize her dream of Super Awesome Eats.

Vijaya is a dedicated, creative baker who dreams of owning a small cafe one day. Her memories of her mother’s fresh cooking and baking hold a special place in her heart. She hopes to offer Mangalore buns in the future, which she grew up eating for breakfast. Her special sourdough cinnamon buns are often graced with South Asian flavours like mango yogurt and masala chai. Her cooking is inspired by flavours that she grew up with. She infused those into her recipes and they sure are a hit!

Vijaya is very passionate about food, and feeding people. She loves seeing the reactions people have to different flavours and something new they have never tried before, at the markets. Vijaya hopes to have her own space – like a cafe for the future.

Vijaya thinks that food education is a great way to eliminate barriers between cultures, and different people. With Vancouver being so diverse, she feels food is a great way to get everyone involved and make them feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

She feels Vancouver Farmers Markets are one of those key platforms where she gets to highlight her food in a way that it reaches people from different backgrounds. It’s amazing to get feedback, build community, and serve a larger purpose!

And of course, her favourite food is anything her mom makes! Her mother was the crux for her passion!

We wish Vijaya the best and we look forward to seeing her connect with community and educate us with her food. Thanks Vijaya for sharing your story.