This week at Kits – July 26

What’s in season?

If you’ve been at the markets lately you’d notice that the farm stalls are bursting with variety. We’ve got everything you need at Kits to make some incredible meals. Get you Pemberton potatoes from Helmer Organic Farm, have a choice of cherry varieties at Jobst-Hof or enjoy some local artichokes from Glen Valley Artichokes!

Reduce, reuse, recycle!

We’re working on our waste reduction plan and that means we’re focusing on reducing our waste throughout the market. Reducing is the top of the waste hierarchy and it simply means to use less. Think twice before you get a bag for your berries, bring a reusable coffee cup for a coffee at Bean Buggy, get a cone instead of a cup at Earnest Ice Cream! Don’t own a reusable produce bag yet? Head over to our Info Booth and look for our Got It Bags, a mesh reusable produce bag perfect for use at the market.

Food Scraps

Bring your scraps down to the Food Scraps Drop Spot to be composted.

food_scrap_iconAt the Vancouver Farmers Markets, Food Scraps Drop Spots exist through a collaborative model. Vancouver Farmers Markets donates space, equipment and organizing power, Recycling Alternative offers discounted hauling service & website hosting and community droppers give $2 per drop to cover the discounted hauling fee.

Save the Drop Spot!

In order to keep the Farmers Market Drop Spots open in the summer, we need to collect $100/market to cover hauling fees (we’ve only been receiving $35). The Drop Spot is open every Sunday, 10am – 2pm.

  • Are you a dropper? Donate at least $2 every time you drop.
  • Not a dropper? Donate to keep the program going
  • Want to volunteer? We’re always looking for enthusiastic people to share the Drop Spot love. Sign up to volunteer today!

See you at the market!

For a complete weekly vendor schedule, check out our Weekly Market Map.