Join us for our 17th Annual Tomato Festival!

It’s Tomato Time!


Ok folks, let’s talk tomatoes.

Are tangy Green Zebras your thing, or do you prefer the candy-like sweetness of a Sungold? Do your tastes lean towards the intense flavour and slight saltiness of a Black Krim, or is the complex and tropical taste profile of a Juane Flamme more your cup of tea?

Whatever your preference, come sample 20+ tomatoes varieties at Trout Lake on Saturday, August 24 and Kitsilano on Sunday, August 25 as part of our 17th Annual Tomato Festival!


Each year at the festival, we celebrate the beauty, flavour, and sheer abundance of the love apples (a.k.a tomatoes) our farmers grow – more than 200 different heirloom and specialty varieties!

Come view a large selection of some of our favourites, or discover your new fave at our Tomato Tasting Station. Tomato sampling is by donation and proceeds go to support our Fresh to Families Project for low income community members.

Plus…Enter the draw to win one of two canning prize packs from Wells Can Company at both Trout Lake and Kitsilano:

Draw 1:
Bernardin Canning Starter Kit:
250ml canning jars 4 x pack of 12
Bernardin 750ml canning jars: 4 packs of 9
Book: Bernardin Guide to Home Preserving

Draw 2:
Ives Way Can sealer
8oz Salmon Cans & lids: 1 pack of 48
Book: Home Canning Meat, Poultry, Fish and Vegetables

We hope you’ll join us in paying homage to one of our favourite fruits this year at Tomato Fest!

Tomato Festive Event Details:                                                                                                                                                      

  • Trout Lake Farmers Market: Saturday, August 24, 9am-2pm. Click here for more location details.

  • Kitsilano Farmers Market: Sunday, August 25, 10am-2pm. Click here for more location details.

Looking to load up on tomatoes? Be sure to check out any of these farms during the festival:

Albert’s Herbs and Nursery, Applebarn Pumpkin Farm, Charnwood Farms, Crisp Organics, Cropthorne Farm, Earth Apple Farm, Farm Circle Organics, Farmer Koo, Fresh Quality Produce, Forrest Nelson, Glen Valley Farms, Golden West Farms, Hannah Brook Farm, Hill Top Farm, Ice Cap Organics, Klippers Organics, Langley Organic Growers, Maan Farms, Nature Village, One Love Farm, Organic Farm Connection, Paul’s Produce, Sapo Bravo Organics, Shalefield Organic Gardens, Soban Organic Farm, Sole Food Street Farms, Stein Mountain Farm, Stoney Paradise

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