Trout Lake – May 30

Above: Mojave Kaplan of Planting Seeds Project demonstrating seed cleaning at the Dig In! Garden Fest last week

There are a lot of first-timers coming to Trout Lake this week – either for the first time this season, or the first time ever! In honour of all the good people you don’t want to miss, this week’s update is all about them:

Don’t miss these vendors:

  • Artisan Sake Maker on Granville Island: Canada’s first local sake maker and commercial rice grower. They practice and believe in being sustainable, local and providing fresh, small batch craft sake
  • Legend Distilling: The Lennies share a passion rooted in creating truly special spirits using the highest quality ingredients available in the Okanagan. Decorate your liquor cabinet with Doug and Dawn’s beautiful bottles or give them to the friends you like best.
  • The Hive Printing: The Hive is a small artisan screen printing shop, creating a line of Vancouver-inspired, locally printed clothing, canvas tote bags and wooden products (coasters and wall hangings). Their designs are inspired by the local history and the natural environment
  • Wild Foraged: Stephanie specializes in Wild Mushroom Foraging and loves to have an exciting variety of wild mushrooms and wild edible plants for you to enjoy
  • Rain City Soups: All natural, handmade soups, prepared with love. No addded chemicals or preservatives,and they use only the freshest produce.
  • Belle de Boskoop Forge: provides modern and traditional artistic blacksmithing services. The forge is owned and operated by Dustin Pritchard: designer, sculptor, and blacksmith.

Food Isn’t Garbage

Bring your food scraps to the Food Scraps Drop Spot! It’s our way of closing the food loop in response to the Metro Vancouver organics ban. Learn more about the program here.

Mount Pleasant Farmers Market opens June 14

Did you know there’s another farmers market in East Van? If you miss us at Trout Lake, come to the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market in Dude Chilling Park. Every Sunday, June 14 – October 11, 10am-2pm.

See you at the market!

Click here for this week’s schedule and market map

For location information, check out the Trout Lake market page