Tutti: Benefits of choosing a local food delivery app in Vancouver

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COVID-19 had a big impact on the restaurant industry. With fewer people eating indoors and changing government restrictions, restaurant owners have had to shift to contactless delivery, take-out and online sales to stay afloat. It’s no surprise then that in 2020, nearly 20% of food and beverage establishments made more than 30% of their total sales online – a significant increase from 9.1% in 2019. 

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Local restaurants feel squeezed by big delivery apps: multinational delivery apps can take up to 30% commission fee and small restaurants are either losing money or just breaking even. The BC government capped the fee for these delivery apps in December 2020 as an attempt to provide immediate relief to local businesses but it didn’t take long for these companies to introduce a new, additional fee for customers in BC, shifting the cost to customers.

 Customers should be able to support local restaurants in Vancouver and have their meal conveniently delivered safely to their home. Tutti delivery does all that, and it’s 100% owned and operated in BC.


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Local delivery app supporting local businesses: Founded in 2017, Tutti started as a small food and beverage delivery company with the goal of building a delivery service that brings communities together. Tutti has grown to service an outstanding network of over 450 locally-owned businesses in the cities they operate in, including restaurants, liquor stores, grocery stores, and other service outlets. 

 Benefits of ordering locally with Tutti: Tutti only charges a 10-15% commission fee from restaurants, which is less than half the industry standard in BC. When you order through Tutti, you’re supporting local businesses by letting them keep most of their profits. Not only that, restaurateurs won’t have to mark up their prices to compensate for the fees they pay with big delivery apps. Ordering locally also helps the local economy recirculate 4.6 times more revenue, which enriches our society as well as increasing wealth and employment opportunities in BC. Last but not least, Tutti primarily partners with local restaurants, so you get access to unique Vancouver gems that aren’t available on multinational food delivery apps. You can actually make an impact in your community when ordering from local restaurants through Tutti.  


Tutti is a Vancouver-based local BC food delivery app that’s committed to partnering with only local businesses and providing a local, lower cost alternative in the cities they operate in. Tutti is also the official delivery app partner of the BC Restaurant & Food Services Association (BCRFA)


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