VFM20: Glorious Organics



Did you know that modern Salad Mix is a BC invention? California often gets the credit, but according to the book 100 Mile Diet, it was the creation of Glorious Organics in Aldergrove, debuted to the world at Expo ’86!

LOG:OFCThe Glorious Garnish and Salad Co. first appeared at the East Vancouver Farmers Market back in 1996. They were one of the original members of Langley Organic Growers, a collective made up of 5 farms including: Myers Organics, Friesen Farm, Glen Valley Organic Farm, Olera Farm, and Glorious Organics. One of the few certified organic producers at East Van at that time, Langley had line ups from the very start.

“The stall was so full of produce from the 6 different collective members, I used to suspend boards from the peak of the stall frame to increase surface area for displaying plants!” says Susan Davidson, one of the founders of Glorious Organics. “Opening line-ups were pretty intense, too – we had one worker full time in the back of the truck just breaking down and stacking boxes.”

Glorious Garnish dissolved in 2006 and became Glorious Organics Co-op, a cooperatively owned farming collective situated on Fraser Common Farm in Aldergrove, BC. Along with growing a huge variety of salad greens, market veggies, and flowers, the co-op has strong commitments to ecological farming, land stewardship and succession planning for future generations of farmers, and community education.

Glorious Organics currently appears with Friesen Farm at Trout Lake, Kitsilano and the Winter Market as Organic Farm Connection. To find their stall, just follow the line up.