We have GREAT vendors at Mt Pleasant!

And we want to brag! Each week we will be telling you about a wonderful Mt Pleasant vendor…

This week everyones fave, Nice Pops!


Nice Pops has been a MPFM regular since the market began as a pilot project in Summer 2013. The business, launched by friends Melissa and Melanie in 2012, pedals (literally) a refreshing rainbow of popsicle flavors around Vancouver in a custom designed wooden bike cart freezer. Exciting, innovative flavor combinations include: cucumber, lime & chili; rhubarb & cardamom; strawberry & balsamic. The popsicles are transported entirely by bike, and packaged in a compostable wrapper. We caught up with Melissa on a warm, sunny afternoon at #MPFM to find out more about Nice Pops:

How do you come up with such unique flavors?

We do a lot of experimentation with different flavor combinations. We choose our ingredients based on what is in season, and we source locally as much as possible.

What is your best selling flavor?

Raspberry, black current and cream. This is my personal favorite as well.

Do you make your pops locally? and where else can they be found for sale?

We make our pops in a shared commercial kitchen in Strathcona. We will be attending #MPFM regularly throughout the summer and we can also be found at the Trout Lake, Yaletown, Kitsilano, and Main St. Farmers markets. Local businesses such as Marche St. George, Harvest Community foods, and the Uncommon Café also carry our popsicles.

What do you like most about MPFM?

Mt Pleasant is a great location for biking. Once I sell out of popsicles it is great to be able to fill the cart up with fresh, local produce and head back into the kitchen to work on more flavor creations. We made our first ever experimental batch after a trip to the Trout Lake Farmers Market in 2012.

www.nicepopsyvr.com @nicepopsyvr


written by Andrea Rivers, VFM volunteer extraordinaire