What’s at the Kerrisdale Market this Saturday, October 3rd

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September was Survey Month at all of Vancouver Farmers Markets markets. Survey month is when we gather vital information about how to make our markets better and what YOU would like to see in the future. So thank all of you who took the time to fill our our survey when you’ve been at the market.

We’ve got two great markets to go in our 2015 season at Kerrisdale Farmers Market (KFM) and this week we’ll have three spirited beverage vendors: Twisted Hills Craft Cider, BC Wine Studios and Yaletown Distilleries. So, if you’re looking for fine wine, or both craft, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cider, plus fine artisan and locally-made vodka, you’re in luck.

I recently sampled Twisted Hills‘ non-alcoholic cider and I can attest that it is one exceptional libation. Anyone of any age can purchase their non-alcoholic cider. But, if you’re of legal drinking age, don’t forget to drop by each of these vendors for a free sample of their spirited cider (if you look younger than 40 you’ll be asked for ID)!

Stapleton Sausage Co. Does it get any better than this? Perhaps I’m biased but it’s just getting darned difficult to find quality sausages these days. Not only am I a Market Manager but I’m a shopper too! My preference is the pork and apple. What’s yours? Drop by for a free sample.

Beyond Bread. Where is that? I’m not exactly sure but I can tell you that their Morning Bun is beyond fabulous. The Morning Bun is a croissant-like bit of spun gold with a hint of orange peel and a whole lot of caramelized goodness that the KFM crew finds irresistible.

Also this Saturday we’ll have two organic produce vendors, plus lots of traditional produce vendors as well. Chocolate vendor Coconama will be on hand as well as lots of other prepared food vendors, so drop by as the weather is supposed to be fantastic.

For a complete list of vendors who’ll be at the market this week: MARKET MAP & VENDOR LIST 

See you there!